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  1. laura girling

    Portside Christian College

    Just to add, it must be difficult for children and parents who are not used to confirming to rules and structure, regulations are set and followed through for a reason, if you child is a non conformist they are going to find it difficult to fit in, my advice if and only if asked would be to find the school that suits your families needs, there are a lot of schools out there, I feel we have discovered the best one for us x
  2. laura girling

    Portside Christian College

    I am extremely happy as are my 3 children, they all have fantastic personalities that have always been encouraged never squashed, they have never been bullied or bully targets, and I appreciate this can happen in any school, port side has been amazing for all of us. never felt the concentration vibe though. ps, hands down beats the schools in UK. laura x
  3. laura girling

    Portside Christian College

    Portside Christian College. My name is mentioned above and I now feel compelled to write in response to this thread again, as at the time I privately messaged PennyKate. My three children all attend Portside and have done since 2009. My eldest son, was unable to read fluently before attending Portside, he has a short term memory, speech and language difficulty and auditory processing delay with the help of Mr Griesel The Principal of the school and his amazing team especially the special needs teacher Mrs Purdy my son is now a 16 year old B student that I cannot keep away from school even when he has the flu. My daughter is in one of Mr Griesel's daughters class, and last year my daughter won a trophy for best girl sports 2011 for her class. Just to mention my third child has lost 65% of her hearing, and is a bright and happy to learn student. I dont just talk about Portside when In conversation I rave about it. My children are always keen to attend, hate missing a day, have good reports, participate in all the great sports activities which are great, enjoy participating on the stage when performances happen and when they do they are fantastic. Portside Christian College has been a complete blessing to the whole of my family.
  4. laura girling

    If I have a question

    I have a question about contacting a Moderator, can they be contacted directly by telephone? , if so can I please arrange to do so. With regards Laura Girling
  5. laura girling

    Woodcroft Shopping Centre Verse Hallett Cove

    hi again, do you know what just get here look for a job anywhere you like, there is always hairdressers needed, you will have no worries. xxx
  6. laura girling

    The worse day of my life

    The pain and heart ache will be raw for a while, then you will be so busy, getting the kids sorted in schools ,finding a home ect, then when you have settled yourselves you'll begin to chillax, your children will visit you and I bet one by one they'll not want to return to the Uk and they will emigrate too, and also what a great example of a strong Mother you are a great role model for your kids, showing them you can do this, well done. Ps I had a little tear reading your letter, big hugs to you, if you need a shoulder to cry on when you get here, look us up xxxx
  7. laura girling

    hairdressing job

    Oh wow just saw your post, very tempted. Laura xxx
  8. laura girling

    What is cheaper in Aus then in the UK !!!!!

    Hi there, what I have found cheaper is things like hair salons, meat, fruit and veg, tv licences, fishing licences, petrol, pizza's, sunshine and wildlife parks such as the big rocking horse, day trips out for a family is so affordable adelaide has some great festivals and for kids the face painting is always free not to mention parking and oh yes parking tickets are about $20 in my part of the uk it would be 200 pound and a tow away ticket too.
  9. laura girling

    To all who have settled here!

    Good day all, We've been here now 4 years, the first year was absolute hell for us, was defineltly returning to the UK, nobody could settle, then we just did, enjoying life here so much now, we will never return for more than a holiday. This is the first Christmas that I didnt feel homesick or even a pang, life here is just getting better and better and better. Made some really good friends here now, it makes all the difference, so we'll all be on the beach at Semaphore to see the fireworks. Happy New Year to you all xxxx
  10. laura girling

    Where to buy a drum kit?

    Hey Guys, My son recieved a set of electric drums for xmas last year. Best place Billy Hyde & Allens music, they have just merged they are in Waymouth st adelaide city They have an enormous collection. The best thing about electric drums is the fact that they are neighbour friendly and they can still be played with speakers. A best buy.
  11. laura girling

    We're going home, we're going home!

    Hey guys, well done on making your decision, i know only too well how difficult life can be out here and how difficult it is to make the decision to return. I have been there myself and very very almost went home. Hasten to add we stayed and for us it all did get better, but I do sometimes get so homesick I feel like just going back just for a quick cuppa with my Mum. Well good on you for trying Australia there are so many Brits who just dream what life could be like here and never dare to try. you did and you now know for yourselves it is not for you. Enjoy your return xxxx
  12. laura girling

    Boxertony 1 Year Update......

    Wow, You guys have all been through it, at the time it feels like just you, but everyone in their own way suffers before they can settle. I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE ALL OF YOU HERE. Laura xxxx
  13. laura girling

    Wanted down under

  14. laura girling

    Wanted down under

    Hey Guys last year we bumped into a lovely Welsh couple who had a young son. They were being filmed for wanted down under. they were staying at the New port quay, this is where we live too. We happened to bump into them in the Exeter pub. I just wanted to know if they decided to emigrate as I dont seem to be able to watch the programs over here. Any news would be great thank you Laura x
  15. laura girling

    Why did you do it?

    We came here after my hubby and I watched a programme called Life swap. It looked as if the Ozzie's had it complete. So we tried it, didnt like it at first cause it really was a big change, it took a long time for everyone to find firm friends the kids and us included. But in the end we did and have probably more friends here than there. Our life here is magical work rest and a lot of play, I miss family dearly, but they will constantly flow here on holidays. I would never ever not ever go back there to live, Im gonna hopefully become an Aussie Cit this year, just to put my son's mind at rest, he's worried that if we die he would have to live back in the UK! Sums it all up me thinks Laura x

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