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  1. pablo

    Did you choose Adelaide or not

    In and out of work the last 18 months Cara tbh,so savings gone more or less,maybe could raise $ off the hse and rent it but we want a clean break,dont want a safety net to come back to tbh,too easy to come back if things go wrong over there,i know it would make sense maybe,but cba waiting till exchange rate picks up and hse prices,just want it over and done with,it gets yer that way when you've been waiting 3 yrs!but what you suggest might suit some i appreciate that Cara,and thx:wubclub: Btw Suzer, OZ isnt realy a job dependant move for us tbh,altho obviously better work opportunities would be good,no, when we started the process i was earning very well,so originally it was just a change for us,one last adventure etc etc,even if work was booming in lpool we'd still be coming. Glad your well Russell,jimmies ffs!,catch yer soon "maybe",better get back ontopic,ive only been back on 2 minutes and the threads offtopic!
  2. pablo

    Did you choose Adelaide or not

    Its been on sale two out of the last three yrs mate,cant just keep dropping the price tho Russell,its our starter $ and were not coming with fortunes as it is,so bad catch 22 as works grim up here,so i was debating this thought.........If i had regular wk in SA that would KINDA make up for one last drop in the hse price?IE if i dropped another 5k on the hse and it sold,then me working fulltime over there would see me make up that 5k reasonably quickly due to the days off(no £) im having here,if ive explained properly mate:goofy:. SOOOOOoo thought i'd come on and see the news on the job front in SA Russell,NOT good from what im reading on here! Hows tricks anyway Russell?hope you and yours are well;)
  3. pablo

    Did you choose Adelaide or not

    Climate(not a lover of year round heat),lower crime rate than some other cities,proximity to the east coast(ish!),hse prices reasonabe to other cities,work situation decent,all just based on research over the net tho!this was all 3 yrs ago,and IF the hse ever sells here in uk we'l see! but tbh Victor Harbor is 1st choice(still SA isnt it!)
  4. pablo

    Two Pussies.........

    Thought another porn spammer had got in again then!
  5. pablo

    What a week....

    That doesnt matter tho,i'l bring you a recording of the lpool v man utd game when i get over:jiggy:,good thread btw,driving down the coast road right down to victor,gawler etc is realy nice,must be the most pleasurable drive ive ever had anyway
  6. pablo

    What a week....

    Yes HG, great scenery from what bits i seen on my reccie, we both still love victor harbor ourselves tho tbh, hope yer never missed the match last sunday?
  7. pablo

    Up the Gunners - 6-1 :-)

    Well yesterday was alright anyway HG;),and only one of our two man team playing!Who knows whats going to happen this season,the same stage last yr the so called "big 4" had lost 4 games,this yr its 10 they've lost( pity 4 are lpool,lol),i think its deffo going to be tighter between 6 or 7 teams this season, aqualinis nearly fit,looks decent in the 15 minute cameo ive seen,so he will give us better options IF he stays fit,we still should have bought a striker tho,but who knows?! keep the faith and all that! thankyou el nino:notworthy:
  8. :biglaugh:you've got me feeling sorry for you!not one reply and 60 odd views,miserable b######!!!!LOL,yes we used an agent,based quite local in uk,yes the full service,£1300 for two people in 07( now £1700)yes staged payments,very satisfied! right ive done me duty,good luck........ps even in this age of computers/emails/scans etc i wouldnt have used an agent i couldnt actually sit down and talk to face to face,but then im old fashioned that way;)
  9. pablo

    Proper bitter

    I drink guinness or bitter myself here in the uk so i know where your coming from,i tried a lot of the beers mentioned on our reccie,for me "tooheys old" is by far the best,btw real ale in the uk try sainsburys,old speckled hen 8 for £8,bargain booze does 3 bottles"old peculiar" for £4.50,guinness in oz i paid between $7 to $9 for a 440ml can in the pubs.........hence the tooheys old:biglaugh:
  10. pablo

    Family hotels in Singapore

    The crown plaza ,changi airport,nice pool an all that,and you walk from the terminal into the hotel foyer,top drawer
  11. I cant agree to disagree,one........... because i DONT actually disagree with with you that the positives you mention are correct,they are! im just looking at it from the point of view of someone who is yet to get there,so obviously the rising house prices etc arnt good for me "in the short term",thats all,theres no right or wrong on this,its just looking at it from two different perspectives,if that makes sense? i just didnt like your comment re "you cant please some people" and the numerous exclamation marks!,so i just thought i'd give my opinion on the "positives" you mention as someone who is YET TO GET THERE, dont mind do you?:idea:good luck to you as well:p
  12. Maybe, but i repeat....................the situation is making it difficult to ACTUALLY GET OUT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE:skeptical:
  13. Money ALLWAYS comes into it,Read jims post again i suggest,you will see money/finances/mortgage has been mentioned a few times,and whilst they seem a very pragmatic and adaptable cpl,money WAS an issue for them,as it is for EVERYONE, unless your delusional,or your names dick whittington!btw you included my post so................what is it IM supposed to be PLEASED about ,The falling/plummeting exchange rate?houses becoming less affordable in oz?house values falling in uk? as i said,its ok if your there,and good luck to all who are there btw,but its not so good if you are still trying to get there,thats simple enough/the truth isnt it?Im just stating a fact.............thats all. Btw jim and adel........glad its going well for yer,good luck
  14. pablo

    stay or go

    Yes mate,kentucky,met her when we were both working in london,she was an aspiring actress,won amatuer director of the year in london but that was as far as she got realy,she was in a few west end plays but all unpaid,we split up because i had visions of having to follow her round the world for this acting dream,anyway she lives in new jersey now with some merchant banker,big house ,the boat etc,lucky escape for her eh!:biglaugh:americans are fine by me,suzers american as well isnt she?tbh tho i find it slightly suprising that with what 50?states( countries basically?)to choose from americans find their way to oz,but lifes an adventure i suppose,the only "trouble" ive found with americans is that they can never understand my accent lol,i was asked if i was german,austrian!and scottish,which is close i suppose! as regards the anti american sentiment..........i honestly cant comment mate,i wouldnt know,as i say their fine by me,plus my partners sister has lived in california( sadly in bakersfield!) for 15 years and the americans have been great with her
  15. It is yes,BUT.........house prices rising in oz and the exchange rate is making the initial move more and more difficult for those of us still in the uk

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