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  1. Hi, Does anybody wants to swap their wallis cinema vouchers? I'm willing to swap it with vouchers you need. TIA. Rosalita
  2. Rich & Chit

    Air Asia X stops flights to/from Adelaide

    Thanks Diane, was on to them straight away. Have cut short our hols by a day to get flights directly to Adelaide, probably on the last flight for this route. Not too bad as it gives the kids an extra day to recover and get ready for start of school.
  3. Rich & Chit

    Air Asia X stops flights to/from Adelaide

    We've had the same email. We fly out on Jan 6 which should be OK but fly back to Adelaide on Jan 26th so again will probably be re routed via Perth or Melbourne, bummer.
  4. Rich & Chit

    Furniture and white goods for sale

    Is the fridge freezer still for sale? If so which brand and how old is it?
  5. Rich & Chit

    Carpet underlay

    Have sent pm.
  6. Rich & Chit

    Carpet underlay

    How many rooms and approx size please.
  7. Rich & Chit

    British consulate in adelaide

    As above post says, no longer British consulate in Adelaide. If you want to renew Brit passports then you have to send them to UK now after filling in on-line form. If you want to get a free years extension then you have to physically go to Melbourne or Sydney.
  8. Rich & Chit

    Chidrens Bed for sale

    Bed still for sale, has to go $40. Check out IKEA web site for pics.
  9. Rich & Chit

    Laptop fixer wanted

    I can highly recommend Alex (see smallwood post above). He has done quite a bit of computer work for us and will continue to go to him for any future computer issues. Highly competent and very good fees.
  10. Rich & Chit

    Chidrens Bed for sale

    Ikea Sniglar bed complete with Sultan Lade base and Vyssa mattress. As new condition. $50.
  11. Rich & Chit

    Ben & jerry's in adelaide!!!!!!!

    It's everywhere,even at Marion at Lollybomb, small one at $4.95 and big one at $11.95
  12. Rich & Chit

    New Arrival = Leave

  13. Rich & Chit

    2 x 2 seater sofa

  14. Rich & Chit

    2 x 2 seater sofa

    Photo is attached to the original post, just click to open it.
  15. Rich & Chit

    2 x 2 seater sofa

    Hi Kath, It's still available. You're welcome to look at it. I'll pm u our add. Cheers.

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