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  1. Hi Curly, Thanks, its all gone super smoothly so far. We're signing the lease on a property in West Lakes on Tuesday and move in at the end of the week so we've just got to wait a few weeks now until the rest of our stuff arrives. As I'm going back into management and won't be out on the tools I've not had to do any update training but its good news you've got through yours now. We're settling in really well, everyone we've met so far have been really friendly and helpful which is refreshing coming from London area where you get looked at like a weirdo when you say good morning to a stranger ; ) Once we're settled in our new home I'll give you a shout as I believe I promised you a beer. We've been laughing about the weather this week, its all over the news that its the coldest start to winter in over 30 years and still the weather is better that Colchester where we've just come from. Catch up with you soon. Del
  2. Hi All, Just thought I'd share an update on our situation which might give some new arrivals some hope that things can go to plan and it's not all doom and gloom on the jobs front. We arrived on the 15th May and within the first 2 weeks I had 2 interviews, one with an national Aussie company and one with the company I worked for in the UK. Both completed interviews and tests within a 10 day period and having now been here less than a month I've had great job offers from both and actually ended up with a promotion from the position I left in the UK. In the early days I saw a lot of people commenting on how bad the work situation is and that you have to drop back down the ladder again to get a job here. For those of you out there job hunting I hope this gives you the confidence that if you keep plugging away the right job may well be out there.
  3. delandpetra

    Sending tools by air

    Thanks guys, I'll be bringing some with me on the plane as Singapore give you an extra 10kg if your travelling for the first time on a PR Visa (totals 40kg) but I also got quotes of around £100 to send a 20kg toolbox on a 5 day delivery and was considering getting some extra tools there a bit quicker than the 8 weeks shipping container. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. delandpetra

    Sa 190 eoi

    Hi AK777, I submitted my 190 state nomination and EOI beginning of October last year and they were quoting 8 weeks to turn them around then so you may still have a few weeks to wait. Mine was submitted 4th October and got response 15th November. Good luck, hope the occupation your looking for is still available when they get back to you.
  5. delandpetra

    Sending tools by air

    Hi, looking for some advice. Has anybody sent tools by courier or air transport to Oz? I'm thinking on sending a box of tools with a courier on 5 day delivery but don't want to end up paying a hefty charge at customs in Australia. I'm guessing that as they are for my own use it shouldn't be too much of an issue but just wondered if anybody has previous experience. Any help is greatly appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Curly, I'll let you know how things go and will definitely give you a shout when we're settled in, think I owe you a beer for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Curly, Thanks for coming back to me. $28 ph is a hell of a lot more than I got paid when I was an apprentice but then that was a good few years ago now, I'll make contact with Skills SA and training prospects this week to get the ball rolling. I think given that it will probably be easier to go down the getting licensed route than look for management work straight away I'll re-write my CV to better suit electrician jobs and work my way back up like yourself. Thanks for the tips on the tools, looks like I'll have a bit of sorting to do squeeze them in. I'd already got on Seek and a couple of other job boards looking for management jobs but will change my searches moving forwards. 7 weeks to go, can't wait. Thanks Curly you've really helped get me back on track mentally, maybe a few last minute nerves but feeling good about it again now so thanks a lot.
  8. Hi Curly, Thanks for the info and training provider details, congratulations on getting the construction job, sounds like things are moving the right way for you. My 190 sponsored visa was granted as an electrician (for management they wanted degree plus 4 years, which I don't have) so I've done the Skill Assessment through future skills for that here which I guess is the first step anyway. by the sounds of things its probably best I see out the gap training etc anyway if will help in the future to move back up the ladder and even better if Skills SA will fund it. I have a few questions which maybe you can help me with. What kind of wage do you get during the restricted license period? Do you need your own tools from day 1? Our plan was for mine to come across with the rest of our belongings but maybe I have to weigh up what I bring with me as it could be a couple of months before they arrive. Is there anything you would recommend I bring with me to that might not be obvious (other than maybe hand tools, testers and proof of qualifications)? We're so looking forward to getting there and making a good go of it, so thank you for your perspective.
  9. Hi Wozzie, thanks for the heads up. Looks like there potentially could be some frustrating times ahead then. Do you have any idea on how is the temp agency work situation over there? is there agencies like manpower here that can send you of to a warehouse for a few days picking and packing or site labouring? just to fill the time and help stay on top of things? Any direction would be appreciated.
  10. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice really if any one can help. We're planning on coming over to Adelaide in May and I've been looking for work on the job sites for Management positions in building services or maintenance and there seems to be quite a few listed but having read through other posts on here it doesn't seem it is that easy or quick to find work in and around Adelaide. Does anyone have experience of how the jobs market is going in the engineering sector at the moment (mechanical, electrical and AC)? If it does take a while to find a permanent job how is the temp work out there? I'm not precious and would happily go and pick and pack in a warehouse or whatever if that's what it takes.

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