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  1. We were in same situation as yourselves , but as said before there are people on here waiting a very long time to sell there houses in the UK , so what we did was went home after our reccie , packed up & was back over in Adelaide in 6 weeks . Bit of hectic & mixed emotions but , your a long time dead , so we went for it & it worked out to be the correct decision .
  2. sailorrae

    moving boxes

    Yes we have approx 10 if there any good to you ! We are down in Brighton Area.
  3. sailorrae

    Free moving boxes

    Approx 10 boxes free to anyone that requires them , Somerton Park area .
  4. sailorrae

    Concrete slab for shed

    Looking for a reliable person to lay a concrete slab as soon as the rain passes through , It's 10ft x5 ft , if anyone's interested PM me please .
  5. sailorrae

    Adelaide or Perth

    One downside to Perth is they don't do day light saving ,, meaning in summer months when it's very hot & sticky it gets dark very early around 7 - 8 , where as here in Adelaide we can still be sat on the beach watching the sun going down @ 9 .30 or later ! Just a little thought for you to consider !
  6. sailorrae

    Adelaide Celtic FC Supporters Club

    After yesterdays result u could meet up in a phone box .
  7. sailorrae

    shipping options

    Give seven seas a call , we have friends that have used them for the same reason as yourself . they were very happy with them .
  8. sailorrae

    transporting a tent

    yeah as everybody else has said bring everything for outdoors we had 2 family tents shipped & 4 bikes ,& loads of camping equipment as said before we dumped our pegs just in case , but they never even looked @ our camping stuff , was most annoyed as i spent ages washing everything down with Jayes fluid ,. & Camping equipment is expensive too so bring it all . Good luck.
  9. sailorrae

    Who to fly with....

    Singapore wins every time , for 1 reason only - they fly direct into Adelaide from Singapore , & are a really a very good airline also . Stopover in Singapore is worth the visit , plus factor is you arrive in Adelaide fresh rather than being jet-lagged for the first few days , pay a bit extra but worth it with SAI. Good luck
  10. Vort test- down side is you only get 1 shot to pass , so if your going down that road make sure you are fully ware of road rules etc before sitting your test. CBT& A - more relaxed way to go , just work your way through your book ticking of as you go , then when your instructor thinks your ready he will ask you if you want to do it, plus you just sit it with him , he will make sure you pass , each person is different with regards how quick you pick it up , hence could be expensive if you require loads of lessons , good luck .
  11. Warradale appliances , across from Oaklands railway station on Diagonal road , as soon as you cross the railway tracks heading away from Marion , heading for Glenelg, the boys in there will help you & very reasonable . Hope this helps you.
  12. We had the exact same problem a year ago , what we did was go with another Estate Agent , with new fresh photographs , new marketing etc , sold within a week, bit more expense but , got the result we were looking for , hope you sell, we know how stressful that is, good luck.
  13. sailorrae

    Scottish tablet for sale

    Must be the best Scottish tablet I have ever tasted , so much so I am going to order lots for xmas time.
  14. sailorrae

    Produce markets in the south

    Theres one on your doorstep every other Sunday Morning @ Marion , behind the bowling greens, the other week its @ Brighton School grounds on Brighton Road. Where you can pick up fesh fruit & veggies, as well as other produce.
  15. Yes that was the same as us ,we have more full boxes in our garage that I am sure will get used one of these days , but all we seem to do is hunt for this & that or did we ship this or that , we thought better have to much rather than not enough, so everything was shipped. Glad it is all history now .

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