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  1. Toneless

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    That's what I was saying as it's more than 10 years old probably not an inverter. So starting gear or power supply fault.
  2. Toneless

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    Hi Fiona I am a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer and from what you have said it sounds more like what snifter has said than the other person claiming to work at air conditioning. If the compressor is running for three hours before it trips out I would say it's unlikely to be the compressor. If it's a single phase system it could be the starting gear or even a contactor. But unfortunately I'm in Ireland so you will need to get someone else to look at it. I hope this helps all the best.
  3. Toneless

    Changing Visas

    Hi Bal It's been a long time, I was wondering if you can help me. As you know we never made it over to oz things just didn't work out for us. But we would still love to go but we're a bit short on time on our visa so i was wondering if your friend was able to extend their visa? As we have to wait till we get our oldest off to uni before we can make the move. Any information would greatly appreciated. All the best Niall
  4. Toneless

    Where we are today

    Hi wen it's great to hear your getting on well. How's the job hunting going? I bet you don't miss our awful weather we've snow forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully everything will fall into place for you. All the best Niall
  5. Toneless

    Pet "Scary" spider...............

    Hi Tyke I wouldn't have a problem with the spiders while I'm awake but i wouldn't have one in my bedroom while I was sleeping. But no matter what i think it will be a major change from what we're used to on this side of the world.
  6. Toneless

    Pet "Scary" spider...............

    I doubt I would be able to sleep at night if there was a spider in my bedroom. Especially one that size. That's the one thing I'm not looking forward to having to deal with all the new bugs and critters around the house.
  7. Toneless

    What do I do now?????

    You could have wrote that about Niall lol. After four attempts at the ielts he gave up. Are you intending to work when you get there Sam? I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet. I'm looking to get the kids settled first and then take it from there.
  8. Toneless

    What do I do now?????

    Hi Reena, I know exactly how you feel. You can't take your eye off my 2 yr old for a minute, she's a real wee whirlwind lol. You will get there eventually. We always tend to do things last minute anyway so not too worried at this stage.
  9. Toneless

    What do I do now?????

    [quote name=samandcraig Hi' date=' it's funny because I don't feel organised at all!! Goodluck with your house sale, I hope you have good news. Whereabouts are you planning on settling? Do you have any job lined up? Yeah must admit I'm not looking forward to the goodbyes either, but so looking forward to heading out to Oz on a one way flight [/quote] Thanks. We really don't know where we are going to end up, possibly South but we'll see when we get there. Where are you's thinking about? Niall spoke to a few potential employers when we were on our recce so he will contact them when we get there. What about yourselves? It's all really exciting but we have moments of sheer panic as well. Suppose it's just all part of the process.
  10. Toneless

    What do I do now?????

    Hi samandcraig, You're really organised. We're hoping to be out by the middle of January and we haven't really started yet. We're still trying to sell our house. We had a really positive viewing on Thursday and hope to hear by tomorrow if they are interested. If not, we'll be looking to rent the house out. It'll be all systems go then. I'm sure the time will pass quickly for you. Just enjoy your time left in the UK. I'm dreading the goodbyes already.
  11. Toneless

    Things you like about Adelaide

    Hi all, Thanks for all the reply's. I'm sorry if I got anybody's back up it wasn't my intention. Moving to Adelaide for us is the dream of a better life. I know it won't be easy we have researched a lot about it, and have found this site an invaluable source of information. When we were there on our reccie we absolutely loved it and thought Adelaide would be a great place for our kids to have a better life than they have here with better job prospects. We're unfortunate to come from the economic black spot in the uk. All our families and friends kids move in the search of jobs as soon as they are finished uni. A lot end up in Australia. We know that the job market is very challenging in Adelaide at the minute and that there's no guarantee the kids will stay there but think it's good to give them that opportunity to choose. Thanks again for all the replies
  12. Toneless

    Things you like about Adelaide

    As a prospective migrant the reply's don't sound like anybody is living the dream that people think it's going to be. Could some people put some positive posts to make a balanced view. We hope to move in the new year but keeping positive is hard sometimes when you read so many negative posts.
  13. Toneless

    House getting packed on Monday...eek!

    That's great wen we're delighted for you. Hopefully everything will fall into place this next few weeks and you can start living the dream.
  14. Toneless

    House getting packed on Monday...eek!

    Good luck Wen hope everything goes well for you. You must be ****ing yourselves. I know I would be. All the best Niall
  15. Toneless

    One week to go....

    Hi wen we can only imagine what it's like to be that close to going. Hope everything goes well for you and your family. Hopefully we'll see you in the new year. Keep us updated on how it's all going and we'll speak to you soon.

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