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  1. Bailey

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    Thanks Tamara - Hopefully it is that rather than the 'compressor'... I will let you know the outcome!!
  2. Bailey

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    Thanks again for your time and knowledge - I will PM you
  3. Bailey

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    I know this LOL.... it is ducted!! Cheers
  4. Bailey

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    Thanks Curly for your speedy response and your time... It is not a new AC we have had it since moving in 10+ old...hubby away atm so unable to answer 'what sort of system is it'? - It runs for a while particularly first thing in the morning for about 3 hours then once it gets hotter in then 'trips'....I go outside to re activate it and then within 20m it begins again..... As I mentioned it is a 'New Box' outside so whether it is more of an 'electrical' fault or something with my AC...? BTW it is all on a separate circuit - I really appreciate you answering my questions!! Cheers
  5. Bailey

    Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    Hi everyone Does anybody know of a reputable person who works with RC Air Conditioners...our one keeps cutting out when we have high temperatures and we have recently had a new 'circuit board' (where all the switches are for electricity etc are kept outside) - sorry for not being specific as this is not my domain LOL... We have recently had our house renovated and the last piece of work done was the lighting and it is since then we think things have been going wrong. We do not use our AC much only when it is hot 33+ and consecutive days of hot weather - hence why we really did not notice it straight away. Any advice will be welcome! we live in the eastern part of the city Thanks Fiona
  6. Bailey

    Interesting article on the 'Australian Overtake'

    I do think that Adeladians are not good drivers.... My son 5 years ago was learning to drive (competent learner driver) and got pulled up because he was taking too long at a roundabout...my sons's answer to him was that it was not safe to pull out - instructors answer was squeeze your way through otherwise you will annoy everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! We stopped using him!!! The standard here is absolutely 'SHODDY' as an OZ would say!! I was taught like a lot of English people via a reputable driving school like the 'BSM' It is so hard to believe that SA people are so lovely until they get behind the wheel LOL
  7. Bailey

    Rental Dispute and Tribunal Experience

    Good on you! If you believe that you are right of course take things further - as you say there are people out there who would not be bothered because of cost and hassel... There are definitely many cowboys here in SA!!!
  8. Bailey

    Robe SA

    Thanks for your feedback... I'll check it out - My husband just likes to have a quiet little cottage/granny flat to ourselves - he does not like people around him when he is taking a break lol!!! There are some beautiful places around the area however they do not allow dogs! Thanks again Fiona
  9. Bailey

    Robe SA

    Hi Everyone Thinking of travelling to Robe SA next month with my husband and my little dog. Can anyone recommend a place around or in Robe that is pet friendly and only for a weekend stay. I have checked online however I do not see many places for 'one bedroom' places... Thanks for reading! Fiona
  10. Bailey

    Wizzywozza-Sad News

    Such sad news....my thoughts are with you and your family. Fiona
  11. Bailey

    Good nursery in eastern suburbs

    I am living in the eastern suburbs and I know most of the childcare centres around - personally I do see a large variation in standards even though they should all be working toward the 'Early Years learning Framework'.... The 'Community Childcare Centres' are a lot better IMO as they do not have a high turnover of staff and on the plus side they are not in it for profit!!!! I am an Early Years Teacher with 24 years experience and work within Family Daycare since arriving from UK 8 years ago. I teach 4 children a day and see them through from 12months to 5 years. It is very similar to 'Childminding' back home ... There are some great FDC Educators out there and I personally think that this is a good choice particularly if the child is aged between 0-3years. Please feel free to contact me via PM and I hopefully will be able to give more advice...and point you in the right direction! (unfortunately I do not have any vacancies for the next 3 years) Hope this helps Fiona PS: Flossybeth - if you need any guidance with regard to FDC please feel free to contact me... good luck with your Diploma!
  12. Bailey

    Draughty houses

    Interested to know Tamara where your daughters unit is..... 'Tripel glazed and 6 star rating'...!!! This is what Adelaide needs to work towards PLUS solar panels!!!
  13. Bailey


    Hi Steve I am a Family Day Care Provider and I do not take children that are not vaccinated (my choice) - however there are some providers who will provide this service... There has been talk very recently (not sure from where) about opening up 'Childcare Centres' for non immunised children. The talk was of Brisbane and Sydney..... As you have stated this is a 'Hot Topic'...and this has put a lot of pressure on Childcare Centres to review their 'Admissions Policy' I would suggest you looking at Family Day Care Providers - if you go onto 'Care for Kids' website you will be able to search for all Registered FDC providers. If you need any advice on FDC please do not hesitate to contact me via PM Fiona
  14. Bailey

    New M&S website for Australians - all in $'s

    OMG thank you for checking....normally I always check out links and in this situation I didn't... I really appreciate that you removed it!

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