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    The nightmare rental market in Adelaide

    I would agree with justaguy and try to bypass the agents by dealing direct with owners. Not that it helps in your situation but yes, Adelaide rental agents are average at best and in some cases outright cowboys. We have twice had to take agents to SACAT (rental tribunal) and won both times. I also found that the law here is weighted very much towards landlords, and I say this as a former landlord myself in the UK. The idea of a 'rolling lease' for example has been laughed out of town every time I suggested it, even though I offered this for my tenants in the UK - flexibility for both parties. Also look out for the old 'break of lease' scenario, we bought property mid way through our rental lease and the landlord/agent came after us for 'loss of rent' even though we gave 6 weeks notice before moving out, they refused to even start advertising until we had handed the keys back. During Covid! As a result the rental was empty for nearly 3 months, agent comes after us for loss of all that rent and we take them to SACAT. Again! Best of luck to the OP. ps if anyone is having issues with ADL rental agents and want advice on the SACAT process feel free to PM, I strongly believe the agents in a lot of cases take advantage of good tenants who do not have the means or knowledge to fight them.
  2. For sale is a complete household starter pack. Ideal for someone emigrating/arriving in Adelaide. Contains: Russell Hobbs Microwave Kettle 2 slice toaster Phillips iron + ironing board Crockery set - dinner plates, side plates, bowls. Mugs and glasses (wine, tumbler, etc) Cutlery + cutting knives + cutting boards Water Filter jug and pack of 3 spare filters Frying pans + pots Cooking utensils, BBQ cleaning kit Ive taken photos of some but theres literally loads of stuff there! All used but decent quality, mainly brand name stuff. Pick up to be arranged, ideally end of Feb. We can deliver within Adelaide. Any questions let me know or ring 0439 093892
  3. Johnny Kash

    Rental Dispute and Tribunal Experience

    Without a doubt... Hopefully the outcome in my case will stop this particular agent from trying to rip off other good tenants in the future. I should also add, if you feel an agent is 'trying it on' and clearly taking the Mick, just by making it clear to them that you will take the case to SACAT may make them think twice - its cost, time and stress for the landlord/agent and if deep down they know theyre in the wrong they may back down. In fact in my case I was surprised they let it go all the way to tribunal as the judge saw right through their 'case' and picked them apart fairly quickly (seeing this in action was actually way better than getting our money back)!
  4. Hi folks, I know theres a few of us out there renting and having to deal with the 'joys' of Adelaide landlords/agents so thought Id share my experience. We have been in a dispute with our rental agency for 4 months now (all the time our bond being held of course). To give some balance this is our 4th rental in Adelaide and there have never been any issues with agents, we always got a professional exit clean and bonds always returned in full. Until now...... At the last exit inspection the cowboy agents came up with some nonsense 'issues' which would have taken $1500 from our bond. I honestly think some agents rely on tenants in these situations not being able to have their bond money tied up while a hearing is scheduled (having an entire bond suspended for 4 months, many people will rely on this to fund the next bond!) or they assume tenants are unaware of any redress available to them, or maybe don't want the hassle. Anyway we took our case to the tribunal and they ruled in our favour and bond returned so a good outcome in the end. For anyone out there whose been in the wrong end of rogue landlords/agents - and theres a few out there - don't let them bully you, if you think you have a case go to the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). There is a fee but the landlord has to cover this so no cost for tenants. Its fairly formal if it gets to a hearing, you have to swear under oath but the judge I have to say was superb, the agent representative was fairly aggressive at times but the judge was having none of it and put her back in her box a few times . Bit like a female Judge Rinder actually If anyone wants advice on the tribunal process feel free to PM. Cheers
  5. I'm approaching my mid 40s and flabby. Weak rep in the home removal trade. I have a penchant for stilton and chicken wings. more than happy to talk start dates
  6. Johnny Kash


    weve done this sort of thing twice through Imoova, its great! First was the great Ocean Road to Melbourne over 4 days and then we did ADL to Alice Springs over 5 days via Cooper Pedy/Uluru. Both fantastic trips in different ways, I reckon the Alice trip was my pick. Cant fault it, if youre flexible with dates youre likely to get a route you want to do. Only downer is you can be pushed for time on some of them, which can mean the vast majority of your time spent driving. Look for those with an extra day or later drop off times as this can make a huge difference. When we dropped our motorhome at Melbourne the first time we asked the guy what it would have cost had we paid full price and my flabber was gasted
  7. Johnny Kash

    End of lease clean

    We used Exit Clean and they did a very good job, bond returned in full. 0414951795
  8. Johnny Kash


    sounds like scientology. Count me in
  9. Johnny Kash


    I agree, well maybe apart from your neighbours habit for 'water sports' For todays' Yootz looking to buy property its hard with the deposit requirements but guess what, this has always been the case. ! Mate of mine the same age tried to tell me I 'got lucky' and 'landed on my feet' buying when I did (2000). I gently had to remind him I sold my car for the deposit and travelled by bus for about 3 years whilst he was buzzing around in his flash motor and living in the centre of Edinburgh. He's now living with his mum and dad at the age of 39. (which incidentally has now become socially acceptable and perhaps even the norm). So todays' yootz are continuing to live rent free at the folks way into middle age yet blame their parents' generation for the fact they cant go straight into a nice semi/detached in a nice area with a garden without doing the hard yards. Ironic
  10. Johnny Kash


    I concur Kenny ken! My first house purchase was on a council estate miles out of town. Meanwhile my mates are living it up in the city in rented accommodation, for a while I felt a bit left out of it but deep down knew it was for the long term good. short term pain long term gain and all that. In hindsight its paid off big time, but took time and sacrifice [old man smiley]
  11. Johnny Kash

    End of Tenancy Clean

    Hi folks, Looking for any recommendations for cleaning person/company to do our end of tenancy clean? We are in the Western 'burbs.! Thanks in advance, JK
  12. Johnny Kash

    Which radio station for you?

    BBC 1Xtra or Rinse FM streamed usually to get my fix of UK radio and tunes. If its local stations probably 102.3 as well, and occasionally Fresh FM. Triple J just annoys the crap out of me - that 'too cool for school, we are Hipsters' vibe
  13. Johnny Kash

    Which country do you support in sporting matters?

    good thread Ive got a lot of time for the Socceroos and Adelaide United and cheer for them but for me I still support England/UK teams all the way in all sports. As mentioned by others the Aussie cricket team are just wallopers and do themselves no favours. As for those who moved here and immediately switched allegiances to Australia in all sports over UK I find that strange. You don't just change your team - what happens if your job takes you to Azerbaijan, do you switch again to them.?? I wouldnt think the Aussies would respect that either. Each to their own though.
  14. Johnny Kash


    for anyone of a certain age Neighbours very much a right of passage. anyone who remembers 'plain Jane superbrain' will know what Im on about we also did the Neighbours tour, the Irish guy who ran it was very funny. Thing was as neither of us have watched it for years we hardly knew any of the current characters
  15. Johnny Kash

    Wine regions- North versus South.

    Props to the father in law

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