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  1. kizzy


    I've had several Dysons and currently have a Shark Navigator which is brilliant
  2. kizzy

    Electrician wanted

    Hi Ring Warren's SA electrical, he's just fitted an induction hob for me. 0451 008 535
  3. kizzy

    Dental quote

    Budget dentistry in the city were offering a free initial check up and no gap crowns so they were working out at about $900 last year, don't know what they are like as never used them. Tracey
  4. Hi You've probably already managed to get your job done but would recommend an electrician who's done some work for me eg fans, sockets, lights etc and is local. Very pleased with the work, Warren's SA electrical 0451 008 535.
  5. Hi Warren's SA electrical is based in Sheidow Park 0451 008 535

  6. kizzy

    Sister wants to join us

    Hi Nikki My son is waiting for his 'other family - last remaining relative' visa which we submitted over 2 years ago and we were advised at the time of submission that there was a 14 year waiting list for processing. DIAC deleted this type of visa last year and are no longer accepting new applicants, just processing the applicants already in the queue and prioritizing carers visas. Probably the best option would be to either re-train in the UK or study here. Tracey
  7. Hi We paid around $12k to sell a $479k house & that was with just 1 advertisement in the paper & for 2 opens. Every advert was an additional cost so personally I wouldn't pay to advertise in the paper just post on realestate. Tracey
  8. Hi Tee What will happen to the applications that have already been submitted, my son is waiting for his to be processed & that could take another 13 years? thanks Tracey
  9. kizzy

    16 year old daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi We left our son who was 21 in the UK as he didn't want to migrate with us. He came to visit us for 4 wks, 6 months after we arrived. He returned to UK to find the company he worked for had gone into liquidation so he was unemployed. Within 3 months he was back in Oz on a working holiday visa. He has completed his 2 years and is currently on a bridging visa and we are waiting for a decision on a last remaining relative visa for his permanent residence (which we have been advised could take 14 years to process). Having experienced all the issues involved I would definitely advise that children are included on any visa application even if they are adamant they don't want to come to Australia and make sure they validate their visas, at least then they've got a few years to change their mind. If you don't include them on your visas or they don't validate and then they decide they want to come over it is an absolute nightmare and will have cost us around $5k for the visa, plus $5k bond that the Govt keep for 2 years (and still no guarantees he will get one). If he had siblings in the UK he wouldn't have an option to stay in Oz. Wish we'd had had the opportunity to include him on our visas when we applied but he was over 18 and not dependent on us. Tracey
  10. kizzy

    moving boxes

    Hi Has anyone got any moving boxes they no longer need. I am in the Hallett Cove area. Thank you Tracey
  11. kizzy

    Machine Drivng Work

    Hi Mandy As far as I'm aware the UK licenses aren't relevant in Adelaide. I've been advised you can do a test but you need to have a statutory declaration saying you've worked more than 100 hours on the machines and then you an do a half day course for about $350. I'm sure someone will correct me I've been wrongly advised. Tracey
  12. Hi Anyone able to provide some UK legal advise. My husband and I have separated and we have a UK property that is currently being let. I am happy to buy him out of the property and rang the mortgage company to get his name taken off the mortgage but they said due to us residing in Australia they wouldn’t take his name off the mortgage (it had nothing to do with earnings and personally I think it’s most likely due to the fact the rate is 1.5% and they would rather we came out of the mortgage deal). The amount of the loan would have remained the same it would just have meant removing his name from the mortgage. Is there any legal contract that could be drawn up so that if I buy him out of the property and his name remains on the mortgage, any rental income and future profits would be mine. I realise that if the mortgage didn’t get paid he would probably also be liable but we have let this property for almost 10 years now and currently have excellent tenants and the repayments are only 74 gbp per month, so don’t envision any issues. Thank you in advance. Tracey
  13. kizzy


    Hi If anyone is looking for PA work Flinders Uni are looking for maternity leave cover (HE04), it is not advertised yet as they have been looking at the casual register so if anyone is interested get yourself on the register asap. Tracey
  14. Hi My house has just gone on the market and the first open is on Sunday 1 - 1.30 pm, please feel free to come & look around: 39 Kurrambi Crescent, 2 living, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully modernised and fantastic seaviews $459 - $479k Further details on Real estate or Magainagain. Thanks Tracey
  15. Hi12 month old spa for sale, hardly used and in excellent condition $3,950Also advertised on PM for details please up onlyThanks for looking

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