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  1. Ging

    Migration agents

    Hi All We have been here for about 10 years and now have an ageing parent who would like to come out, as it’s been a while since we looked at agents does anyone have any recommendations? cheers, Mark
  2. Ging

    Largs & Largs North

    It is a good place to be, as has already been said semaphore road is good and lively, there are also a few shops and a cafe/restaurant on jetty road at largs bay which is good, we have 3 children at Le Fevre and they are all doing really well. Also the old police academy site on Strathfield terrace is going to be redeveloped so that can only be good for the area. On the asthma thing, 2 of our children had mild asthma in the uk, but since being here one no longer needs to carry an inhaler and the other although keeps it on her hasn't used it for a couple of years.
  3. This may be of interest if you are into all things Mod/60's, Live bands, DJ's Clothes, Records. 50 Years of MOD 1964-2014 50th anniversary of MOD 1964-2014 event to be held by Ace Face Productions on Sat 13th September at the Ed Castle Hotel, 223 Currie St. sorry looks like link didn't work.
  4. Dogging and Rigging are high risk work categories and need a nationally recognised licence, both can be covered two 6 day courses at local training centres, which is probably quicker and easier than trying to get uk qualifications recognised, have a look at worksafe sa and SEEK for jobs and info
  5. Ging

    hgv work adelaide

    I came here with just a car license and took my truck test here - http://www.adelaidetrucktrainingcentre.com.au - did it in a 12 hour day including test and got a HR license,don't know what sort of training/test you would need if you want to drive semis or b doubles,
  6. Ging

    UK Tax Credits over payment

    We also had this, make sure that your income they are using is correct, they based ours on a full years earnings, because we left halfway though the tax year when our actual income was used they still owed us money.
  7. I live in Largs bay, so a bit north, but play bass and do a bit of backing vocals, and 60's and Mod are a good combination.
  8. Hi, what instruments are you looking for and how far south?
  9. Workzone traffic management, is the course I think
  10. There are no trains running at the moment due to the rail electrification project, which is maybe why there is no timetable.
  11. Ging

    gotta getta group

    Take a look at http://www.solarquotes.com.au, put in your postcode and you will get 3 different firms come and quote.
  12. Try a Woolworths sim, on optus network, $29 for 45 days, $500 of calls texts and 5 gb of data
  13. Here is a company who do sub divisions which involves some cable laying. http://www.tdups.com.au
  14. Ging

    white card enquiry

    I did mine at a place called Access Training centre (ATC) on Pym Street, as pointed out above web based ones are not accepted by most sites now, don't think you need to be employed as there were some people on the course that were not. Course is only about half a day and pretty straight forward.
  15. I only worked 6 months of the tax year last year and my firm did my tax deductions but did not allow any tax free part of earnings so got 3k back after filing my tax return, so definitely worth doing.

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