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  1. https://www.seek.com.au/job/33515530?savedSearchID=445956&tracking=JMC-SAU-eDM-JobMail4.02-3882
  2. Contact Finite, Paxus, Candle, Talent International although 3 out of my 4 jobs have been direct to companies (only the first was due to a recruitment agency). Seek.com.au will be your best friend Avoid coming out in the run up to Christmas as that is a quiet time. Just after Christmas is good, as is just after financial year end.
  3. Beyond Bank will be advertising for a Senior Infrastructure Analyst role in the next few days - I have been there a few months (but moving to getting a job with a much shorter commute) and they are a lovely company to work with, with a really technology focused IT Manager. Anyone with a good persona and Office 365 cloud experience will have a good chance. Look out for it on seek.com.au. I will post up the link when it comes through.