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  1. https://www.seek.com.au/job/33515530?savedSearchID=445956&tracking=JMC-SAU-eDM-JobMail4.02-3882
  2. Contact Finite, Paxus, Candle, Talent International although 3 out of my 4 jobs have been direct to companies (only the first was due to a recruitment agency). Seek.com.au will be your best friend Avoid coming out in the run up to Christmas as that is a quiet time. Just after Christmas is good, as is just after financial year end.
  3. Beyond Bank will be advertising for a Senior Infrastructure Analyst role in the next few days - I have been there a few months (but moving to getting a job with a much shorter commute) and they are a lovely company to work with, with a really technology focused IT Manager. Anyone with a good persona and Office 365 cloud experience will have a good chance. Look out for it on seek.com.au. I will post up the link when it comes through.
  4. Just remember - "built for Australian conditions" actually means "heap of crap".
  5. You are right, I have often thought it is very paradoxical - people are, generally, lovely....until they get behind the wheel of a car and they turn into monsters. Its very odd and I don't understand it
  6. Ignorant, selfish, dangerous, oblivious, risk taking, arrogant and obnoxious - the traits of the average Adelaide driver. The interesting thing is everyone considers themselves a good driver and will also agree with you that the driving is of a poor standard - yet everyone is doing it and quite happily passing on the awful attitude to their kids. I admit my own driving has taken a steep downward spiral just to get by on the roads on my daily commute, including undertaking idiots who sit in the outside at or just under the speed limit and won't pull over.
  7. Knowing the nanny state culture here, everyone will now have to replace all their fencing with even taller structures!
  8. The wineries around the McLaren Vale region are full of roos - one near us had 30+ roos culled recently because they were causing so much damage (apparently). Dusk and dawn are the riskiest - roos are very active at those times and if one bounces out, there is likely to be a second one. I swapped out our main beams for the highest legal globes you can get to help out when driving down country roads after dark.
  9. Gotta love London.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3698316/Police-officer-stabbed-struck-bottle-spontaneous-Hyde-Park-water-fight-descends-blade-chaos-two-revellers-suffering-knife-wounds.html and on a less serious note....public transport in meltdown! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3697044/Scorchio-Britain-braced-one-hottest-July-days-temperatures-set-reach-35C-Twitter-users-going-heatwave-meltdown.html
  10. Most of the IT jobs are close to the CBD so if you want to be near the seaside I'd consider Semaphore down to Brighton for more expensive city beach suburbs. Further down, Hallett Cove is a good choice for being near the sea with good commuter links to the city (train) and is a bit cheaper. Seaford and Moana also benefit from the sea and still being close to the train links or the Southern Expressway if you drive though the commute does start to get quite long then. We live in McLaren Vale which is semi rural, 5 mins drive to the beach and and it takes me around 45 minutes to drive to work just outside of the CBD. NicF is right in that if you live down south, you do miss out on what the north has to offer but if you want beach, the reality is, the south is the way to go. I'd still consider Aldinga a bit too far out if you want to commute into the CBD every day but I know some people at work who come from even further again.
  11. Very worthy cause, good luck!
  12. I think normal life returned after about 3 months - when I was working, we had our own rental, kiddies were at school but I really think it was 2 years before I started to feel like we were settled (by that time we had our own place). I actually wish the initial period had lasted a bit longer.
  13. Completely normal to feel what you are feeling. If you can, try and enjoy the "newness' of everything......four years in for us and life is pretty much normal and I miss those early feelings sometimes. Not to say life is dull, there is still so many things to discover and I still gaze in wonder at the amazing skies, the birds, the scale of Australia, it's just those first few months are just such a crazy, unique time. Bite sized chunks as well - give yourselves a target each day for things to sort - you can't recreate a new life in a few weeks so go with the flow
  14. Yes - never want to live in the UK again, but Australia - not so sure now. Love the country but find the sell out politics very worrying. Don't think Australia has a bright future.
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