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  1. For Sale, in "As New" condition, cost around $500, accept $200. Located in Salisbury Downs. The website says:- Get customized training at home with the Gold's Gym® StrideTrainer 310 Elliptical! Six built-in personal trainer workouts offer variety and expertise, so you can choose the best workout for you. Ten digital resistance levels increase or decrease the intensity of your workout so you meet your personal goals. And, the Dual-Grip PowerPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor keeps you in your target heart rate zone so you get maximum results! If you're looking for an at-home program that adapts to your training needs, the StrideTrainer 310 Elliptical is right for you! Ian
  2. We stayed at http://www.midwayapartments.com.au/index.html, when we arrived a couple of years ago. They are located at Kurralta Park, about halfway between the CBD and Glenelg. We stayed for five weeks until we had secured a long term rental. Close to the tram line and bus routes for getting into the city. Good luck with the move Ian & Julia
  3. IanJulia

    Citizen today!!!

    Are you still a 'Pom in Adelaide', or do we need to call you an Aussie now?
  4. IanJulia

    West Lakes Meet up

    Hi, What time, and whereabouts will you be meeting. We are both working on Saturday morning, but will come down for one or two. Ian & Julia
  5. Hi Debbie, we are a couple living in Seaton. We'd love to meet up if you're arranging something at West Lakes. Ian & Julia
  6. We would love to meet up too, let us know where and when.
  7. IanJulia

    Oldies Meet Up - Seacliff

    We'll be there, do you know whereabouts in the pub you will be? Ian & Julia
  8. IanJulia

    Oldies Meet Up!!

    We'll try and make it, Julia is working that morning but should be home in time. Looking forward to meeting new people.
  9. HI Ian and I would love to meet up after christmas we are both in our 40's live in seaton, but would be happy to drive to meet up xx
  10. IanJulia

    Couple of shipping questions please

    Hi, I shipped quite a lot of vinyl, which arrived a few days ago. It was all in perfect condition. I put them in strong plastic boxes (reallyusefulproducts.com) and the shippers then wrapped the boxes aswell to even better protect them, so I don't think you'll have a problem. Ian
  11. IanJulia

    HOlden JAckaroo info

    Hi, I used to work at an Isuzu dealer when this was a current model (Trooper). If it is the 3.0 Turbo Diesel, avoid at all costs, there was a major problem with this engine, most were replaced while the vehicle was under warranty, but this one may or may not have been. If it is the 3.5 petrol engine, then ignore all of my comments above as overall they are a very good vehicle. A bit thirsty though. Ian
  12. IanJulia

    Visa granted, now what!?

    You could try www.airbnb.com or www.midwayapartments.com.au, we are in a Midway apartment at the moment in Kurralta Park, they are well placed between the city and Glenelg, very good bus and tram links. Ian
  13. IanJulia

    BBC iPlayer

    If you download Expat Shield, you will be able to view iPlayer, as it assigns a UK IP address to you. The only downside is adverts and pop-ups which are quite annoying.
  14. IanJulia

    Flying out tomorrow!

    Thanks for that, Dan. We'll give you a shout if we need to.
  15. IanJulia

    Flying out tomorrow!

    Well, the time is nearly here that we have been waiting for. We fly tomorrow at 10pm from Heathrow to Adelaide via Kuala Lumpur. We should arrive about 7am local time, all being well. We have a short term rental arranged in Kurralta Park for the first five weeks. Julia has an interview at Modbury hospital the day after we arrive, hopefully she won't be too jet lagged. We'll no doubt meet some of you all in time.

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