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  1. debbie lawrence

    Glass Computer Table

    Gone now
  2. debbie lawrence

    Speedboat for Sale

    Hi we've reduced the price as we need it gone, now $8,500.
  3. debbie lawrence

    Breaking Lease in Seaton

    Hi everyone, we are breaking our lease on our rental in Seaton, as we're moving to New Zealand, I've put the link on here (hope thats ok) but if you PM me i can arrange for you to come and see it anytime. If your new here its a ideal spot, West Lakes (shops and lake) is a walk away and we have 3 lots of different buses you can catch into the city (takes around 25 minutes). There may even be some basic bits that we could leave you (double bed, bedding). http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-seaton-413341851 Debbie
  4. debbie lawrence

    Glass Computer Table

    Hi we've got a frosted glass computer table that we need to sell, $20 but really need it collected by the weekend, we're in Seaton. sorry think the photos are upside down (i'm really not very good with this technical stuff) Thanks for looking Debbie
  5. debbie lawrence

    Adelaide Fringe 2016

    hi i subscribe the the half price tickets https://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix?price=65536_ you get an e mail each morning with the shows that are on the half price offer that way its no so bad if its no good.
  6. debbie lawrence

    Speedboat for Sale

    Hi we're selling our Speedboat as we're moving and can't take it with us, i've copied the details from Gumtree Amazing and rare opportunity to purchase a fabulous speedboat due to owners moving interstate. 120 HP Force outboard. Rebuilt in 2013. Comfortably seats 6, versatile use for sea or the river. Always flushed after use,Wiseco Racing, Pistons, new liners, pulls extremely well, all safety equipment included, flares, radio and compass etc. Also included in sale are 6 life jackets, 2 mono skis, 1 3 seater donut, 1 pair of skis, ski rope, wet suits and life jackets. Don't miss out on this amazing deal, buy now to enjoy use for the rest of the summer. Its up for $9,800 and if you want to have a look please PM me (we live in the western burbs), had loads of great days out on the Murray and we take it out to sea fishing.
  7. debbie lawrence


    hi i've PM'd you
  8. debbie lawrence


    Hi and welcome, saw your other post and after 2 years we still feel like we're on holiday, must admit life doesn't get much better than this , anyway we're in west lakes, hubby works at Port Adelaide, and theres a group of us that met on here and all based this area, west lakes, henley, grange, (had a night out in the city friday, maclaren wine tour saturday), we regularly meet up, your more than welcome to join us anytime. Debbie
  9. hi sorry not really sure what i'm looking for on gumtree but could you tell me the size, i think it may be too high but if not we would be interested. thanks Debbie
  10. Hi we go to Trinity Medical Centre, 28 College Road, (think it comes under Port Adelaide), you just ring for an appointment and if its your first visit take your medicare card and it doesn't cost anything as they bulk bill, i've been there twice and doctor was very good, went first thing in the morning and no waiting around either Debbie
  11. debbie lawrence

    13 reasons why you shouldn't live in Adelaide

    love it, having never visited or particularly wanted to visit Australia before, hubby got a job in Adelaide and i am now very protective of it, I love living here for all the above reasons and more, lots more, every single weekend we do as much or as little as we want. We're not wildly travelled but loved Sydney for the hustle and bustle (still wanted to come home after a few days), Melbourne was too big and inpersonal, and Adelaide is home.
  12. debbie lawrence

    Making friends

    Hi Kieron we're heading over about 2 and going to have a roast first, (more than welcome to join us) think the games on 3.30ish, i'll pm you my number, Debbie
  13. debbie lawrence

    West Lakes Meet up

    Hi Claire, sorry just seen this, theres a few of us based in west lakes (and in this area) think we're going to see about sorting something out at Henley soon, so keep an eye out and we'll post something. Debbie
  14. debbie lawrence

    Making friends

    kids always welcome, especially in the summer down the beach (us oldies can't chase the ball when we play cricket)
  15. debbie lawrence

    Making friends

    and when you've finished walking maybe we can meet in Baccus or Ramsgate, when i get back from Bali maybe we should sort out a meet up Emma x

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