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  1. llessur


    Childcare tends to cost around $100 per day (in Adelaide at least), with a subsidy being provided by Centrelink if you are eligible. The subsidy will be between 20% and 85% and is related to your family income as per this link: https://www.education.gov.au/child-care-subsidy-combined-annual-family-income
  2. llessur

    Pregnancy in the UK vs Aus

    Having had our first just over a year ago I can report that our public hospital experience was absolutely brilliant. The care we received at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide was first class. Some of our friends went private and received a few extra benefits like beds for their partners in their hospital rooms (I must admit that would have been nice having slept for the night in a chair), nicer meals etc - but then again they also left with bills of $1000-$3000 on top of the health insurance premiums that they had already paid (private health generally doesn't cover certain things when you're in hospital - e.g. dressings, 'sundries' etc which all add up). We're planning another one in the near future and will have no qualms about going public again. In terms of the heat, it can be a little inconvenient and, depending on timing, you can guarantee at some point during the pregnancy or early months with the little one will be hot. Being a January birth the height of summer arrived when my wife was heavily pregnant and stayed around for the first couple of months after our little one was born. Not the best timing but we made do (very glad we had good AC at home). If summer had come earlier in the pregnancy or later after birth then it would have been easier but babies tend to run to their own schedule as I have rapidly been finding out
  3. llessur

    Best places to live near Edinburgh region

    Bit of a late reply to this one but if you're going to be working around Edinburgh and want to live near the beach then you'd probably be better off looking at the stretch of coast between, say, Largs in the north and Glenelg in the south. Some areas around Largs can be a bit touch and go (whilst others are nice) but generally things are good from Semaphore south (including Henley, Grange, West Beach etc). Commuting would be much easier if you don't go too far south otherwise you'll get caught up in all of the city-bound traffic in the mornings. With regards to being close to the beach, most suburbs in the metro area are an easy (10-20 minute drive). Stick to the west of the city and you'll be within 10 mins. Are you thinking private or public schools? Brighton High (public - just south of Glenelg) has a very good reputation but you'll need to make sure you're in the catchment area, as have Adelaide High and the brand new Botanic High (both public - and the same caveat applies re: catchments). There are good private schools all over the place if you're willing to pay.
  4. llessur

    Best places to live near Edinburgh region

    It depends on what you want from a suburb. To be honest some of the areas immediately around Edinburgh haven't got the best reputation - Elizabeth etc so you'd certainly want to visit before securing a rental etc. I don't know a huge amount about that area and whether there are some nicer parts but I'm sure some others on the forum might. What sort of distance would you be prepared to commute?
  5. llessur


    Archie & Co on Carrington Street in the City are very good, plus they do great coffee.
  6. llessur

    Croydon and West Croydon

    It's been a while since I wrote this so I thought I'd add a couple of updates about Croydon - there has been a lot going on in the area lately. Croydon Railway Station has now been completely rebuilt and is fully DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant. Ramps are now at a much shallower grade and the platforms have been raised to be level with the height of train floors. Very useful for pram or wheelchair users. There's been some great new artwork incorporated into the station area, worth checking out if you're ever passing by. The adjacent kiddies park is in the process of being re-landscaped and will look lovely in a couple of years once the new plantings have matured a bit. There has also been a couple of changes to the retailers on Queen Street : One Small Room has now been replaced by a new smaller homewares store called Her Name Was Nola (https://www.facebook.com/hernamewasnola/) and a coffee roastery (both due to open in the next couple of weeks). Oscar and Willow has been replaced by the Soul Healing Space ( http://www.soulhealingspace.com.au/index.php.). An interesting shop selling crystals and incense - not my cup of tea but they're very friendly and it smells amazing ? The bicycle path to the City has now opened so (with the exception of a small road detour still required around one still-to-be-finished section) it is now possible to cycle from Queen Street through the parklands and into the heart of the CBD without travelling on a road. In the other direction, popular craft brewer Pirate Life have announced they will be opening a new brewery in the historic woolstores at Port Adelaide - think something along the lines of Little Creatures in Fremantle. When the new train spur to the heart of Port Adelaide opens next year it means that there will be a magnificent brewery a mere 12-14 minute train ride from Croydon. That would swing it for me ? Median house prices are creeping up a little - as at 30th June 2018 Croydon stands at $600,000 and West Croydon at $543,000.
  7. llessur

    Cost of Utilities

    Difficult one to answer really, as stated above it will depend on a number of factors such as your usage and the companies you sign up with. However, as a very approximate guide, we’re a family of 3 (two adults, one baby) in a 3 bedroom house with modern reverse cycle split system a/c units in most rooms for cooling & heating (a fairly unusual setup but it’s what we ended up with for a couple of reasons), full garden irrigation with 100m2 of lawn (all gets watered every 3 days during summer, plus a little extra on really hot days), gas hot water and hob, electric oven, extra beer fridge in the garage (always on, of course), no solar, no pool, double brick house with standard glass fibre roof insulation. We pay approximately per quarter: Council Rates: $275 Gas: $125 Electricity: $300 (winter) - $450 (summer) Water: $225 (winter) - $350 (summer) Internet is $60 per month with unlimited data, includes landline (but no call credit). Then there’s car insurance and rego, home and contents insurance, ambo cover (and health insurance if you don’t believe it’s a massive scam) etc. In all, we’ve found cost of living to be a little higher than back in the UK but we also found that the increase in wages for comparative jobs here compared to the UK by far outweighed that cost. We may have been lucky of course. Our electricity bill has gone up significantly since we had a baby, mainly because we now have a/c running in multiple rooms – when it was just the wife and I we’d just do one room at a time. Quite easy to keep costs down that way. You could easily save on your water bill compared to mine if you’re not obsessed with keeping your lawn green and your fruit trees irrigated. On the flip side, expect to pay more if you’ve got a pool. I presume the bills will rise a bit more as our little one grows up but I wouldn’t expect too much difference – I know the bulk of my water bill is from the garden irrigation for example.
  8. llessur

    Prescription charges

    I was on daily meds for a couple of years - I usually got my prescription from Chemist Warehouse as it's close to my work, it cost me around $20 for a three month supply. Not bad. I had to renew my prescription over a weekend at one point so went to a smaller chemist in Glenelg (the one by the IGA on Diagonal Road) - the same three month supply of a generic-branded drug cost me nearly $70! Moral of the story is that prescription charges can vary wildly from chemist to chemist and if you're picking up your script from a chemist you don't normally use them always ask the price before getting them to dispense it. In my case it had already been dispensed and because of the British inside of me I just paid for it and left... I'd always try Chemist Warehouse first - they're usually cheaper for a lot of things.
  9. llessur

    Feeling overwhelmed!

    True - but only if you want to be heavily reliant on a car which many people from the UK will not be. If you're used to getting around even partially by public transport and walking back home then you should research quite carefully where you want to live in Adelaide unless you're happy to convert to a high level of car usage. Public transport, where it exists, is pretty good but if you find yourself away from a tram or train line and without significant local amenities within walking distance (which is the case in quite a few Adelaide suburbs) then you might find yourself having to drive pretty much wherever you go - even if it's just popping to the shop. Fully agree that the area between Grange and Semaphore would be a great choice for beachside living - at a slightly cheaper price than you'd get further south of Grange. The train runs to the city every half an hour from Grange (about 20 minutes away) which will be great for shopping, the footy & cricket etc. Semaphore's a good beachside shopping and eating strip and, in my opinion, slightly nicer and more interesting than Glenelg.
  10. llessur

    house prices in adelaide

    You'll probably need to be more specific i.e. which suburbs are you interested in? What type of house? In general house prices are rising in Adelaide but not as quickly as the eastern states - they are certainly more reasonable in terms of average wages etc. Some suburbs perform better than others, past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance etc...
  11. llessur


    The road rules here don't require you to keep left unless the speed limit is 80 or over so, whilst annoying by UK standards, driving (and over/undertaking) in any lane on most two or three lane roads is perfectly acceptable. It annoyed the hell out of me for the first couple of years when we came over but am used to it now. What still really irks me is the inability of many Adelaide drivers to merge, or allow other people to merge. I've never seen anyone need to stop in a slip road back in the UK, but over here it is often necessary as people already on the road won't move over to let you in.
  12. llessur

    Suburbs where to live

    I'd look for an apartment to rent in either Bowden or in the CBD itself. Bowden is a few minutes from the city by tram or train and still close to bars, parklands and a short drive or train to the beach. Where will you be studying? If it's Flinders University you might want to look for a place closer to there, if it's UniSA or Adelaide Uni then you should be fine.
  13. llessur

    Where to live?

    Welcome to Adelaide, it's a lovely city. The new place looks great and am very jealous of that view! Best of luck in the new jobs too!
  14. llessur

    Where to live?

    Awesome, where did you end up? Enjoy the new pad!
  15. llessur

    Article on shortage of pet friendly rentals

    Depends on the level of damage really - dog or cat urine can permanently stain wooden floors well beyond the depth that sanding could resolve. There is no way a rental bond would be anywhere near enough to cover replacing all floorboards in a house plus sanding and finishing. Also, not all rentals are investment properties, some will be much-loved family homes that are being rented out for a few years whilst the owner is overseas etc. The owners might not want to have their family home ruined by pets - some original heritage features such as doors, floorboards, skirtings etc just can't be replaced with anything other than poor quality reproductions or really expensive reclaimed items. Despite being very sceptical of the buy to let market I think that landlords are well within their rights to refuse pets in their houses.

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