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  1. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    My friend was able to apply for the 887 visa exactly after 2 years from the date of 489 visa grant. We can't even lodge the visa application prior to the 2 years timeline according to the immigration system standard. I received an email from the 887 visa case officer, she explained me, the time I spent as 489 bridging visa holder might be counting for the 1 year full-time work and 2 years residential requirements, however there is another requirement to hold the 489 visa at least for 2 years in order to apply for 887 visa. Wish it helps.
  2. Hi, guys. My 489 visa is valid until 19th of June 2022 and I will be eligible to apply for 887 visa 19th of June 2020. Due to the long visa processing time and job offer from the overseas, I have a plan to stay in overseas for about 6-12 months after applying for 887 visa next year. I saw some people in this forum received the pre-grant notification letter from the immigration while they are staying in overseas and they were requested to come back to Australia within certain time period as we need to stay in Australia while the 887 visa application is in processing. So, my question is how many time will be given to come back to Australia in case I receive the pre-grant notification. Also, is there anything else that I have to worry about against to the visa condition? I will appreciate if you anyone share your ideas or experiences in case you were experienced or have any knowledge about this scenario. Thanks in advance.
  3. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, Indrasena. Did you apply for the 489 subseuquent visa last year or this year? My wife is also going to apply for the 489 subseuquent visa shortly. Will appreciate if you share the more details when you get a chance. Cheers
  4. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    The average processing time is literally average, it's vary depending on many factors. I don't know the exact details of him, but as far as I remember it was April and took only 6 or 7 months to be granted. I am wondering how can you sure that all of the Feb and March files are not opened yet? If your estimation is guessed from the people from this forum only, It's totally wrong assumption. There are still many people get 887 visa a lot less than the average processing time (approximately 6 - 8 months, even one of them took only 3 months) according to my agent. It is true that the processing time is delayed compare to previous programme year, but it does not mean that 12 - 15 months processing time is applied to everyone. As many of us who using this forum are already waiting for long time for visa grant, so it seems to be the processing time is too long. As you can see, someone still waiting although they applied 2017, so even if I ask my friend and agent about more details and share the info in this forum, it won't help anything to resolve the current situation because the visa approval process is not running as 100% FIFO system. Sorry for not helping you to gather the more statistics, but I wish you can get PR shortly.
  5. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, do you mind if I ask how did you prove the one year full-time requirement? Did you work under the appropriate full-time contract? Otherwise, gather multiple part-time or casual job? Cuz, a friend of mine applied for 887 visa by the April and he got a PR last year, so roughly took 6-7 months. He was a single and proved one year working criteria with appropriate full-time contract and reference letter from his employer.
  6. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    You can use the annual leave up to 28 days every year. In other words, you can travel overseas up to 28 days and it does not affect your 2 years residence requirement. So, you do not need to waste further days to back up the periods you spent in overseas. Please refer to the below details. "For example, an applicant produces evidence that they have resided in a specified regional area from October 2005 until the time they apply for an 887 visa in November 2007. During that period they spent three weeks in 2006 and a further three weeks in 2007 travelling overseas. As this length of absence is not inconsistent with continuing to reside in a specified regional area the applicant satisfies 887.212."
  7. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Can I understand that you have already applied for 887 visa? If so, it is hard as your wife does not even has 489 visa yet. However, if you have a plan to apply for 887 visa with your wife after she get the 489 through the subsequent entrant, there is no problem at all. That's why your agent suggest you either wait until she get 489 visa and then, apply new 887 visa including your wife or apply for spouse visa when your 887 visa is granted. The low visa cost is not an issue, as she will have to pay $3800 ono for 489 subsequent entrant, then pay extra $385 for 887. I wish my explanation helps you to understand the issue correctly.
  8. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, my wife is also going to apply 489 visa through the 489 subsequent entry in next couple of months, she is a student visa holder at the moment. So, I am just wondering why you cannot add your wife on your 887 visa application? I am going to apply for 887 end of June next year, and I guess my wife get her 489 by the end of this year and we will apply for 887 together next year. I will appreciate if you share more details about your situations.
  9. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    The answer was already given in my previous reply. The English test result expiry is linked to the day of making the visa application, not a processing time at all. Refer to the language requirement in the immigration website, it is clearly written. I will repeat again, 'Don't need to worry about taking the IELTS exam again'
  10. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    It only takes a few hours to complete the 489 visa application. You can add some more documents later on after submitting application. Don't be too stressed, so long as your friend submit the application with the valid English test, it's not a big deal at all. Of course, your friend has not been done anything without preparing the required documents, it might takes a big longer, but won't take more than a week in my experience. Congratulation and I wish your friend get the visa grant shortly.
  11. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, guys. I have had a conversation with one of the 887 department manager and now finally they accepted my claim and they are undertaking to correct the visa eligibility details which have created a lot of confusion since they update the website. Sorry, it is nothing about the processing time, just clarify that we need to hold the 489 visa for at least 2 years prior to make the 887 visa application.
  12. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, can you please watch this video again? Actually, I already watch this video clip a few days ago, and the question 2 is talking about 187 RSMS visa, not 189 visa. Plus, 189 visa processing time is clearly noticed 6 -8 months on the immigration website.
  13. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    It just a number of invitation, not really related to the visa processing time. Of course, 189 processing time is a lot faster than 887 which made me feel jealous. None of us deny that immigration try to make us to stay in the regional area as long as possible This figure however is not relation to current issue.
  14. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, does anyone have experience of applying 489 subsequent entry pathway? As I recently started relationship with my GF and we will live together shortly. As far as I know, the relationship should last long at least 1 year, but there is exception in case if I can prove the marriage or relationship certificate which is verified by State government. Is this right? Otherwise, she is only eligible to apply for 489 subsequent visa after 1 year since we live together? If anyone know about this, I will appreciate if you advise me. Cheers
  15. Kevin

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    As far as I know, you can apply for release letter to the government and you will be able to work at another regional area without getting any issues.

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