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  1. Pommyspark

    Adelaide hills information

    Mac there are lots of places around and about Adelaide, what is driving your requirements, cost, desirability ?, we looked at loads of different places as we wanted to move to the hills when we had been here a year. We ended up no where near where we were looking and got a really nice location just south of the city (Eden Hills) bit of help from Phil Spencer like. I can help you with an outside point of view maybe
  2. Its a trick route here where sparkys are concerned, they dont want chancers getting in, they take great pride in there tradies here thats why the pay is good, hence thats why its a tricky processs, I know this for sure !. Are you in Adelaide or uk as your status says nottingham that can put massive hurdles in your way if your not already here.first, its going to cost, but see it as an investment. 2nd be sure you have relevent uk quals bs7671 means nothing here on its own. 3rd it may take time I mean a couple of years !!, but lets start at the beginning. If the tradie is the lead aplicant then they will have been assesed one way or another, which means you are 50 to 90% there as you have to have proof of basic quals to qualify, if you are qualified with an apprentiship then this is all you need tra will verify this and your home and dry for about $2000, you will need to do aussy wiring rules when you get here. If there's a descrepancy in the apprentiship or qualifications its still not imposible, skills sa will put you on a course at peer at no cost however you must be working in the industry and have been assed by vetasses prior, this will take about 3 months and consist of several visits to peer and exams, also you must complete a years e-profile (a record of type and period of work completed) this may be reduced for retrospective proof of experience in australia, it has to be signed by a company manager or superviser consistently to be valid. failing these directions you may sign up with a reconised traning organisation (RTO) and re sit all the modules but as an adult aprentice with provable quals from the uk these will be reduced by sitting an entrance exam which will assess your knowage and weak points. This route will cost you, but again if your working you should get citb registerd for finalcial assitance, some places may require you to be a registred apprentice. barring the tra which provides a equivelent certificate, you will receive a level 3 cert in electrotecnology and can be used anywhere worldwide.
  3. Pommyspark

    Hello Adelaide!

    Hi Dave, welcome to PIA, I am just south of CBD, how do you fancy a beer over the weekend, pass you some tips and tricks. Jay
  4. Pommyspark

    Hello Adelaide!

    Hi Dave,Whats DMG, and where abouts in the north west are you from buddy, take it you north west UK ?
  5. Pommyspark

    UK education better than Australia?

    Yep our kids go to apparently one of the best schools in central adelaide and both of them and ourselves agree they can't cut the mustard here, its to laid back teach yourself attitude means the kids dont get the pressure they need to perform, but having said that its the standard that suffers not the outcome, as they tend to get the grades they need.
  6. Pommyspark

    Visa advice

    There's an agent called Ian Harrop, very good and not a rip off merchant, we used him, we had a complicated application. Just google the name it should pull him up.
  7. Pommyspark

    Visa advice

    there are lots of benefits, if you have a pr visa you entitled to many things you wouldn't be if you were on a long stay, plus if you came out of work you wouldn't have to go home to Wales, also when you get here you almost certainly will want to stay anyway, so it will shorten the process!!> its Snowdonia scenery with Loads of sun sun sun. No rusty cars, lots of old ones though!
  8. LOL wasn't being critical, Makes you wonder though, about all the people that pop up with genuine intentions of moving over, write a few threads, then they disappear never to be heard from again ? Suppose when they look deeper into it and realise that they dont fit the DIAC profile for some reason or other, who knows??
  9. Hey Jonesy, My wife is currently working in Burnside if you need and info sure she would help ?
  10. This thread is over 3 years old !!, she would be here by now if she was coming ? I wouldn't bother suggesting locations for her now, tho it may be useful to other people !!
  11. Pommyspark

    Been here 1 week !!!

    Great to see so many Northerners coming in. Good luck people
  12. Pommyspark

    No turning back now!

    Well its all in mid flight for you, no turning back. Hope to meet you sometime when you arrive, their are a couple of events in the pipeline, Sure you will have been invited already, if not drop us a line, we'll fill you in !! Jay & Marie.
  13. Pommyspark

    Beach for kids

    Yep jtct I must agree Glenelg the water is shallow and warm goes out really far before becoming very deep and is among the most popular, virtually no agressive water sports. But its proberbly the main tourist beach destination so gets busy sometimes. Trams go directly there from the city, and has shopping and bars like continental resorts (well nearly! lol).
  14. Pommyspark

    No turning back now!

    Ang&Phill you will have the same packers we had from leeds, please send our thanks and regards to them, from the Bentleys from stretford Manchester
  15. Pommyspark

    No turning back now!

    We used Crown no complaints the packing was second to none, nothing was damaged, it arrived when we asked and nothing was pulled by customs. Plus both packers and unpackers were friendly and courteous.

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