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  1. bodders71

    Cabra Dominican College

    Hi guys, Anyone on the forums have any experience of Cabra Dominican College for high school years (8 - 12) please? We're looking at sending our kids there and are happy with what we've seen so far but we're hearing a couple of disturbing things about students there lately. Any views or opinions would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Tim
  2. bodders71

    Coromandel Valley

    Anyone here living at Coromandel Valley? We're moving to a new rental in a couple of weeks and would like to meet new friends. We have 9 year old twins, boy and girl.
  3. bodders71

    Local Removals Recommendations?

    Hi everyone, We're moving between rentals in a couple of weeks and just need someone to move large and/or heavy items (sofa, table, beds, etc) from Flagstaff Hill to Coromandel Valley (about 5 mins drive). Can anyone recommend a removalist/man with van as we really want to keep costs as low as possible. Probably won't be able to hire a van and move ourselves, just in case anyone was going to suggest that! Also, we may need professional carpet cleaning as well before we leave this rental - any recommendations?
  4. bodders71

    Vacation childcare in Flagstaff Hill/Blackwood

    LOL - just re-read my post. Need care for 2-4 Jan! Thanks, Tim
  5. Hi guys, have an urgent situation here ... We need some vacation care for our kids (2x 9yr olds) in Flaggy/Blackwood area? Anyone here a registered childminder with vacancies for those days or does anyone know of/can recommend anyone? Can't find any OSHC that's open for those days ... Thanks, Tim
  6. Hi Laurie, I missed that one. Do you have a date for the next business event yet? Thanks, Tim
  7. Hi all, Tim here. My company is Profluent Solutions. I specialise in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies. In normal English, that means I help your business to find new customers with effective use of the internet as a promotional medium. I can help with getting your business listed in search engines, website design, Facebook Business Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Video marketing, Presentations, Press Releases, etc, etc ... even little, but important, things like getting an effective e-mail signature. As a Proud Pom and relatively recent arrival in Adelaide, I know how difficult it is to get a business off the ground here. I'm offering MASSIVE discounts (and probably even a few FREEBIES here and there) to anyone from Poms In Adelaide who wants me to help with marketing their business. Don't waste money marketing your business the wrong ways. Contact me for a chat about your business on timbodman@profluentsolutions.com or www.profluentsolutions.com or www.facebook.com/profluentsolutions or PSTimB on Twitter or just reply to this post Tim PS - COME ON Team GB in the London Olympics!!!
  8. Our experience of recruitment here has been that at best it is very slow and at worst you never get any contact from recruiters at all. I have to say, it's given a pretty bad impression of recruitment agancies in Adelaide which is a real shame 'cos we're both professionally qualified and keen to find work.
  9. bodders71

    Is it always this quiet?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. We're not knocking the peace and quiet - it's actually really nice. Just wondered where everyone was! Cheers, Tim
  10. bodders71

    Is it always this quiet?

    Hi everyone, We've been in Adelaide for almost a week now and we're just getting ready to decide on where to settle and find a rental. We've been looking at areas south of the city (Flagstaff Hill/Aberfoyle Park/Bellevue Heights) and we're currently staying at a furnished rental in Glandore (Margarita's Place) but everywhere seems really quiet. It was a literally a couple of days before we saw another living soul in Glandore and, aside from Aberfoyle Hub on Saturday, it all seems ghostly quiet, with no kids around in the playgrounds and reserves and nobody in the suburbs. We've seen a couple of nice houses but we're just a bit concerned that we'll never see any signs of life in any of the suburbs we've been looking. We know it's a bit more lively along the beaches but we have 2 kids so finading a family home and good schools are our main priorities, although we still want to socialise from time to time. Any thoughts anyone? Cheers, Tim
  11. bodders71

    Just Arrived!

    Hi everyone, We just arrived in Adelaide. Staying at Margarita's Place in Glandore for a week whilst trying to find a rental. After that, who knows where we'll end up? We're looking around Flagstaff Hill, Blackwood & Hallett Cove over next few days and trying to amass those precious 100 points to get rentals/credit/mobiles etc... Anyone have any tips for anything at all? Any advice very gratefully accepted! Cheers, Tim
  12. bodders71

    Glenalta/Flagstaff Hill and Surrounds

    Hi Kirsty, Will your house still be available to rent in January 2012? Tim
  13. Sorry - you obviously did mean Cert 3 in Fin Serv. Just googled it and know what you mean now!
  14. bodders71

    Finding rental in Flagstaff/Aberfoyle

    Thanks Mel. I'll PM you
  15. Hi DO you mean Cert IV? I did that in Financial Services and also Diploma in Financial Services. Booth quite straightforward and seem to be essential for ay sort of career in FS. PM me if you want more details. Cheers, Tim

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