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  1. sammmy

    887 Visa - How to attach documents?

    Thank you
  2. It should NOT be an issue, as long as it is for a short period. You may go out for training of couple of weeks. If you travel outside a regional area and copy your leaving place, that is a breach. At the end, if you want to ask for a PR, you'll have to prove 1 year of work + 2 years of leaving in a regional area. Good luck!
  3. G'day Mates, I started to fill in the 887 application on immi site. I was not prompted at an stage and was not asked to attach any document throughout the entire form. So the question is, Is the stage of attaching documents is after submitting? Although it says that this information will be provided by the application form, it is not :( whether to attach documents before or after you submit Cheers!

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