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  1. obxer7

    SA driving licence in UK...

    I went back to the UK at Christmas. the car rental place preferred me to use my Australian licence as they didn't need to run it through DVLA to check points etc.
  2. Hi Was wondering if anyone can help. Looking at flying back to the UK for a holiday at Christmas. Qatar airlines are coming in much cheaper than anyone else. The return flight his either a 7 hr stop over in Doha or Kuala Lumpar, can anyone recommend one over the other, I will have 2 small children with me. Thanks
  3. wow, thanks for that. I don't have exact dates yet but just checked and for a focus for 3 weeks with a booster seat is £337 with hertz.com.au but with hertz.co.uk it was £997, no difference!!
  4. obxer7

    Cleaner recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a cleaner or cleaning company who do end in rental cleans, or even just a few hours. I will be 6 months pregnant when we need to move and don't think I can do the deep cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen. We are in the Marion area. Thanks in advance
  5. obxer7

    Modbury high school

    I will be moving into the area soon and looking for some feedback on Modbury High School. does anybody have kids that go there, or any info to share?
  6. obxer7

    car rental

    We used m&d autos too, can't fault .
  7. obxer7

    Owners put Rental House up for Sale

    Thanks everyone, we met with the estate agent who seemed nice. No pictures will be taken in the house and he has agreed to inspection by appointment (so no open inspections), I am much happier.
  8. obxer7

    Owners put Rental House up for Sale

    Thank You very much for all your replies, I really appreciate it. No further forward as it the weekend but hopefully will know a bit more later this week as the estate agent selling the house will be out to visit us.
  9. Hi We had a call yesterday from our realtor to say that the owners of our house have put it up for sale. We have a lease agreed until end of July but have been told we may need to hold Open Houses for people to view the house to buy. Can anyone give me any advice on this, am I obliged to do this, can I break lease as my contract it with the current owner (not a new owner). Any advice or even a number of someone I can call for advice would be grateful. Thanks
  10. obxer7

    Fresh Fruit/Veg in Hallett Cove Area

    I had good intentions of going to the Central Market every week before I arrived. I have been here for 12 weeks and I have been in the city twice. Ee have started getting out fruit and veg from Francos on Marion Rd, after a recommendation. I can't complain and find their prices and quality are good.
  11. From the day we put our application in to the day it was granted was 20 days. It arrived by email.
  12. obxer7

    A Baby Giant Panda On The Way?

    I saw the pandas in Edinburgh a few times before we left, here are some pictures. The one inside is the male, the one outside the female.
  13. I am a secondary Maths teacher with 9 years teaching experience in the Uk. We arrived 6 weeks ago and I haven't been able to get any sort of work. Nothing!! I have visited about 20 secondary schools, handed in my CV and teacher registration, followed up by an email, also called a couple of the schools. I haven't even managed to get 1 days supply work. I have been told by several schools that they have regular teachers that they use for supply work but "will keep me in mind if something comes up. I have also offered to do some volunteering/observing of teaching but still nothing. We are just in the fortunate position that my husband got a job within 10 days of arriving. The ironic thing for me is that it is my skills/qualifications that got us here and I can't even get by a school reception desk.
  14. obxer7

    South Australia SNOL update

    interesting....my occupation as a secondary school Maths teacher is still "High Availability". I haven't managed to get and supply teaching yet never mind anything more permanent. We came to Australia based on my occupation, and my husband got a job the 1st day looking.
  15. obxer7

    Agent or no agent?

    We never used an agent for our visa. I like/need the feeling of being in control and being able to contact people myself. As others said it was a bit stressful but Iwas off on maternity leave and did most of it while baby wad sleeping. Along with getting an operation, selling my partners house and planning our wedding all at the same time it was the most stressful time ever....but worth it. Our daughter is 21 months old, we got married 7 weeks ago and have been in adelaide for 5 weeks

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