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  1. Hi im starting tafe on the enrolled nursing course and would like to know if anyone has their old medical books I could buy from them please. . Or where is the best place to buy them. also which books do I REALLY need thanks in advance
  2. Hi we move out of our lovely furnished rental 7th June. Looking for a unfurnished in the Hallett Cove area. Is anyone breaking a lease? Thanks Kath
  3. jasonkath

    Things to do when arrive

    Hi Cerberus1 I cant open these links, can you help me please thanks
  4. Im a Maternity support worker (healthcare assistant in maternity) are there any jobs in oz for me.
  5. Hi Vikkiann Were hopefully moving in september this year and would like to know which holiday rental you have booked please Kath
  6. jasonkath

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Hi Delta Tango A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS......I know how your feeling. we got our visa 3 weeks ago still sinking in. when are you planning to move. were hoping to go in the autumn this year. were are you looking at living. kath
  7. jasonkath

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Our agent submitted our Medicals and CRB checks on mon 11th March............phone call next day we have our VISA
  8. jasonkath

    IT IS BLOODY LOVELY.....1 Year Here :-)

    we got our VISA arhhhhhhhhh now the roller coaster begins. Adelaide here we come. Kath
  9. jasonkath

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Hi WE got our visa 12/3/13 now the rollercoaster of emotions begins. kath
  10. jasonkath

    IT IS BLOODY LOVELY.....1 Year Here :-)

    Hi Star123 lovely post. were waiting for our visa. medicals passed, CRB done now waiting...... were are you living and what school do your children go to. your one strong family. congratulations on your 1st year. thanks for being so open and honest. kath x
  11. Hi Were from Northampton and would be up for southern meeting. Keep me up dated if gets arranged. Missed Leeds as too far to travel with the bad weather. Kath
  12. jasonkath

    Adelaide bound meet up!! Leeds 20/01/13

    Hi Chloe Were not going to risk the journey tomorrow. No likey :-( Hope you all have a great time. All drive carefully. Please let me know the next meet up. kath
  13. jasonkath

    Adelaide bound meet up!! Leeds 20/01/13

    Hi Hopefully we will make it all being well. There will be myself, hubby, 12 year old daughter, 9 year old son and sparkie the black lab. Coming up from Northampton. Kath x
  14. jasonkath

    Anyone moving to Adelaide Autumn 2013?

    Hi look forward to meeting up. we have a black lab so dog friendly is great kath
  15. jasonkath

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    we submitted our 489 visa on dec 15th waiting for CO to be allocated. were hoping to move aug/sept when my 12 and 9 year old finish school here. really excited now it could all happen this year. happy new year.

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