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  1. Hello everyone, Thank you for the guidance, I submitted my application, the details are below. Submitted on 02nd Dec State: Victoria Two applications in one immi account: My application included my two kids and my wife did a separate application in my immi account Attached documents: Passport, Drivers Licence, Passport Photo, the Endorsed backside of the photo, Birth certificate, Rental agreement to prove the address, Form 1195 I also get certified all the attachments from my GP
  2. hi everyone, Do we need to certify all the documents that are needed to be attached?
  3. hi all seniors, I just joined this and seeking some advice. We are a family of four with two kids and are ready to apply for citizenship. Could you please someone give me the following info and any other info that would make my application easy? Can i include my wife, my kids all in one application or does my wife need to apply separately, if yes does she need a separate immi account? Does anyone have a dummy completed application form? What documents do we need to attach? Any other info that is helpful Thank you so much in advance, hoping to get your all support in my applicaiton kind regards

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