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  1. Hi guys Just a quick question in regards of securing a job sponsor whilst off shore for 186 visa. My niece, her OH & 2 young sons 8 & 2 are at the start of the process of migrating here. I have been living here 2011 and a citizen. What is the easiest/quickest way of finding a sponsor here for the visa?. Unfortunately I don’t know how to find a sponsor as we were onshore when we were applying for an 186. My niece’s OH is a drainer/ civil engineer with all paperwork to back up his experience. TIA.
  2. Justine79

    Selling UK Property

    Hello All Myself and my OH are looking at selling our apartment back in the U.K.. we have been in touch with an estate agent, and he informed us that we need a solicitor here in Australia to act on behalf of us to sell the property, as we can't use ours back in the U.K. Just a quick question, has anyone on here sold property in the U.K. Whilst living here? Also does anyone know any solicitors who can help us sell our property? TIA Justine.?
  3. Justine79

    Citizenship application form

    Hi All, It was wierd them asking about family, especially when we had to do the same thing for permanent visa. I done the test 5 days before Christmas, just waiting to hear a date for the ceremony, that did say it was between 3 & 6 months.. Good luck to those who are about to sit the test.
  4. Hi Applegale I moved over here from Ireland 4 1/2 years ago, I'm not Irish, but married to an Irish man. Where abouts are you from? My hubby is currently working away. I'm Warradale, a short drive from tram stops. I would like to meet for a drink, but it's rarely I head into the CBD, maybe during the daytime for a cheeky drink in Glenelg or somewhere near a tramline?
  5. Justine79

    Struggling - would love to make new friends

    Thanks Snifter, looking forward to meeting Katbugz and Paula.
  6. Justine79

    Struggling - would love to make new friends

    Hi Katbugz Sure tomorrow night sounds great, I don't mind meeting either place, whatever is easier for yourself. Come along too Paula, it'll be good to meet you too. Now decision time coffee or Wine., I don't mean be either. xx
  7. Justine79

    Struggling - would love to make new friends

    Hi Katbugz I'm the same and work full time, so after work would be good, also I can't do Thursday evenings as that is my evening for the dreaded food shop in Marion. . Would be be good to meet up.. xx
  8. Justine79

    Struggling - would love to make new friends

    Hi Kate Sorry to hear you have been having ups & downs especially with your partner. I do miss having girlie catch ups as I moved here from Brisbane and made some great friends there. I have a partner, but he's working away and rarely he gets home. I do miss having an adult conversation over coffee, I live in Warradale. I do do have a son who's going on 15,but he's at that age where it's embarrassing to be seen hanging out with his mum.. Would like to meet up and go for coffee if you want to. Thanks Justine
  9. Hey Scooterdan Thank you for organising last night, it was a really good night meeting everyone and defo I'll be up for it again. i did enjoy it even thou Port lost hahaha.
  10. Ah Scooterdan that is just down from the road from me. Wouldn't mind joining you and Pebbles if that's ok?
  11. Hi FranMarie I'm living in Warradale too. Yeah I'll be up for meeting for a coffe sometime. Be great to meet new people. Pebbles would be great to meet too if you are interested??
  12. Justine79

    Renewing Irish Passport.

    Ah thanks Snifter, oh is that all.
  13. Justine79

    Renewing Irish Passport.

    Hi all I have to renew my son's Irish passport, the thing is we got our PR visa back in May of this year. How do I go about renewing his passport, as I need to have the visa tranfsfered over to his new passport. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Justine79

    State school fees

    Hi All, haven't posted on here for a while, but I got my son's fees for his 2nd year in High school and they came in at $700 and that is not including subject choices. He had got his IPad for his 1st year. In year 10 he will be using a Apple Mac,I'm glad he's got 1 more year left of using his iPad, that would give me time to save up.
  15. Justine79

    temporary vs permanent residency

    Hi TeeTMI I'm in the same boat as Caroline 72, OH, myself and son have got 1 year and a half left on our 457 and looking at ways we can convert to a PR visa. Please could you email me a leaflet discussing visa options?

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