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  1. acescribe

    2 weeks to go!!!!!

    All useful info for us too - thanks - as we arrive on April 22 Neither of us have jobs sourced (yet) - I came close, down to the final selection via Skype interview but missed out (probably because I was still UK based at the time) Kirsty has had some feedback on her CV and prospective but many have said the same - "you are not here, yet. So no panic. We opened our bank account with ANZ last year on our validation trip and have been topping that up. Annoyingly the sale of our property in England looks unlikely to complete until after we have departed due to the solicitors dragging, but hopefully not too long after. We will have funds available for rentals, but will have to rely on other references as we haven't had a rental property for 11 years. We have an Airbnb in Hallett Cove for the first three weeks, we are looking to move to that area or at least the southern suburbs. None of our furniture is being shipped, just belongings which is being dispatched a month ahead of us. So will be buying all new anyway. All very daunting but exciting at the same time, as most on this forum will know!
  2. acescribe

    State sponsorship waiting time

    Excellent news Barry. Kirsty was a week behind you, so could bode well for the next week for two for her...
  3. acescribe

    State sponsorship waiting time

    Kirsty is the first named applicant, she has 85 points and occupation of Laboratory Manager. I note that the SA migration site is now showing that they are closed from 23rd-3rd Jan so I think mid-late January is about right yes. We are going on (another) recce to Adelaide early in February and also taking a drive through Victoria visiting friends on the way. Our plan is to move during 2017 but haven't made definite plans yet until everything goes through. It is something we have been looking at and talking about since 2013 so enough kicking the can down the road, really.
  4. acescribe

    State sponsorship waiting time

    We/Kirsty lodged 190 visa application last week (Dec 7) The SA website says it is currently 6-8 weeks but I guess we have to take Christmas into account and we are not really expecting anything this side of it. If there is it will be a bonus.
  5. Took over four months for my wife's, too
  6. acescribe

    Holden will cease manufacturing cars in Australia in 2017

    There does seem to be an awful lot of glass half empty going on in Adelaide - and beyond - given that Holden's engine factory is in Melbourne. I was told outright by a friend in Adelaide today "not to bother" even thinking about moving there. That OTT, or not? I will not deny it has got me worried. Kirsty is the main applicant and does and (hopefully) will do a job where the skills are in demand, and on a higher salary than she earns in England presently (where we live in the very expensive southeast and have found ourselves financially squeezed and own a property we are finding hard to sell, despite the so called upturn) However, as for myself, I am multi skilled but not qualified per se (if that makes sense) I am in the media by profession, writing presenting and I do discos and I make up what is not always a full time job by taking other jobs in various industries (at the moment admin/accounts in a small engineering firm) My thoughts are that I may now be up against 30,000 others that might not have otherwise been on the jobs market...
  7. acescribe

    Moving to Adelaide 2014 ? :)

    Good luck! We have just began our journey - Kirsty's skills assessment has arrived in Melbourne. Not really expecting anything back until (UK) Spring now though. If positive, she/we will be applying for a 190 visa. After a successful recce a few weeks ago, we are still hopeful of the move to Adelaide/SA during 2014.
  8. acescribe

    What is the best age to make the move?

    We are only just starting the ball rolling, applying for a 190 visa (with Kirsty, my wife's job and experience) We are 36 and 33, feel like we are wading through proverbial treacle in England. We came to Adelaide on a recce last month and just about all boxes were ticked. I have a fair bit of experience travelling in Australia and know the country and its customs well. To answer the thread, obviously any age is a good age, but there is probably no doubt that under 40 is a better time to do it all the same. But, everyone and their circumstances are different.

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