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  1. Keith & Linda

    Post from the UK

    We had the same but it was post from the UK gov tax office 1st one went Via Holland and took 7 weeks, the second via Budapest and took 5 weeks this one contained a pin number which expired after 28 days even though we advised prior to them sending that the last letter took 7 weeks another Government department that don't listen and cannot work outside the square! PS long time since I posted hope every one down in good old Adelaide are well.
  2. Keith & Linda

    Anyone going on a cruise?

    We have used 'Vacations to go' several times now, just last month infact for next year. I have always found them to be the cheapest and great to deal with, they have co-ordinated our booking with friends from the uk too so we had adjacent rooms. also they arranged in cabin gifts for us to my brothers trip on Cunard. On our latest booking they have included the tips and also for an extra $15 per day per person the drinks package. We have no particular alliance to any cruise line but Royal Caribbean we have found to have the edge so far. We do tend to travel far and wide so have not done any local ones, however a few people we know have done and rate the New Zealand one. We found the Mediterranean cruise to be the most hectic we have done it was also the biggest ship in the Med that year, Much prefer the 2500/3000 people ships. Must say that our first cruise was the best some 20 years ago now and we have seen the standard drop since then all about competitive pricing with so many cruises bout now. However Cruises still are by far the best $ for $ holiday, especially if in an inside cabin but we do much prefer a balcony because we do not want to miss much of the very varied places we go. If you want the kids to be happy then try the Disney ones. Happy sailing sailors!
  3. Keith & Linda

    British / Aussie humour

    And this one. http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/barbie/38257-i-say-i-say-i-say.html?highlight=dangerous though nowhere near as good as the previous post.
  4. Keith & Linda

    British / Aussie humour

    May I refer you to this thread from some time back. http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/barbie/38230-its-sometimes-dangerous-path-we-tread.html Enjoy.
  5. Keith & Linda

    British / Aussie humour

    I spent Saturday night trying to defrost the freezer.......................................foreplay I think she calls it!
  6. Keith & Linda

    British / Aussie humour

    No need for the Pizza, just make sure the beer is cold and the woman is hot!
  7. Keith & Linda

    British / Aussie humour

    Women are like public toilets, the best 1 is taken the rest are full of cr@p
  8. Keith & Linda

    We should move to the eastern time zone

    Mmmmm! Adelaide should move to the eastern time zone? lock, stock and barrel, except Elizabeth hey!
  9. Keith & Linda

    Travel Insurance?

    We have used our Commonwealth credit card insurance for years now on our world travels, and it has no annual fee. We have had one major claim, had to stop the plane and turn it around, luckily it was only taxiing to the runway for take off, this was in Zurich enroute to UK, emergency surgery same day, insurance was a little slow to kick-in so had to pay some upfront but got it all back. However be warned these policies are for ever getting amendments, so please ensure you get the latest, also regarding the care hire excess cover with these one must be careful as it is usually on condition that you have taken out all insurances offered to you by the car hire company, this may be read as 'available' by the insurers so not necessarily 'offered' Our Bank has just changed provider so we now have to notify them of our travel dates to get the full cover otherwise just some very basic cover applies. I expect more amendments soon! Happy and safe travels.
  10. Keith & Linda

    Gold Coast Holiday

    OK good for beach, near to the Tedder Ave shops and cafe's, car, bus or bike to the main area's of Surfers and Marina Mirage, though both are walkable if you have time and travel light. Try a walk along the front to the markets at Surfers on Wed, Fri & Sun evenings (need to check days and times). Also our favorite area is Currumbin where you have a great safe swimming area on the northside of the creek, a boardwalk up the creek, keep walking up the creek and cross over at the next bridge tor walk down the other side and call in at what must be one of the best RSL clubs in Aus, keep on walking down the creek to the sea taking in some great views across the creek to Surfers Paradise. once you are at the sea front at Currumbin rocks look a little further south you have a Surf lifesaving club right on the beach at Elephant rock, then just beyond that is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which may well be worth a visit just to feed all the Lorikeets. Enjoy your trip, and safe travels. Keith
  11. Keith & Linda

    Gold Coast Holiday

    With the exception of Sea World, the theme parks are not on the coast and are some 20min plus drive away from Surfers Paradise, there are just heaps and heaps of apartments, but your Blue Waters is well away from the action of surfers and nothing to do or see in that location. To be able to walk to a few of the other local attractions then you do really need to be in and around surfers and slightly south of there too, google a look along The Esplanade, Northcliffe Terrace and Garfield Terrace and the streets coming off them, all close to the beach and Surfers. We sometimes stay in an apartment owned by the company so it was cheap for us but I do not think the place is expensive anyhow, it is an older building but one of the very few where you walk onto the beach from the swimming pool and back gate and a less than 10 min walk into surfers and two from a good surf lifesaving club. Also regarding the theme parks, not all that sure if it is available to interstate visitors, but you can get an annual pass which allows unlimted entry to Sea World, Movie World and Wet & Wild cost is the price of about 1.5 single entries, so might be worth a google look. Keith.
  12. Keith & Linda

    UK traffic infringement

    Pretty certain you have nothing to worry about regarding the demerit points, but I would question them taking the money, which should be the fine plus any admin charges they choose to add on, until you have had a chance to see it, check it and maybe contest it, but you need to read the contract agreement small print, I know you sign agreeing to pay such things (tolls, congestion charge, parking) but they have to be agreed as being correct. Though to date I have not done this with a car hire company I have registered similar as an un-authorized payment with my credit card and got my money back until agreement was reached, another thing is after you returned your car you can with some cards block certain future transactions. Good luck.
  13. They have been 'technically' bankrupt for quite a while, and other airlines have also run at a loss, Virgin and Qantas in recent years, but Malaysian is basically state owned and as such would be more unlikely to be declared bankrupt than say Virgin or Qantas. But your fear of them of going bankrupt and not getting your flights should still apply for getting your money back. Our last two trips to UK were with Malaysian, with the last in the full knowledge of recent events and their financial situation, and we would have in fear in flying with them again. Sincerely hope everything works out well, have a safe and happy holiday.
  14. Sorry it worked out so badly for you, but I must say it is always a risk when planning things so finitely, which I know we have to do sometimes. Heathrow at that time of year could be closed due to weather conditions, also it is not unusual for flights (whichever airline) to be delayed. We were once delayed at Heathrow with plane problem with Singapore, missed our onward flight and thus arrived Aus the next day. Also when the SARS episode was on we were bumped and changed allover the place on all legs, but the airline did give us a range of flight options so we could choose our best options. Good luck and please take up the offer by OKMorris I am sure you will be in good hands with her.
  15. Keith & Linda

    Check your statements!

    Yes it is different banks have different names for it, pay pass, pay wave etc. Personally I we do not like it or any transaction where no pin is used, can not really see the benefit one gets from being 5 to 10 seconds faster, especially when you then use all that time and more to trawl through the statements!

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