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  1. alanmcgarragh

    Solar Power

    HI I installed 5.5kw 22 panel system last year with True value Solar, they are a quite a large national company, I did a bit or research and there were some mixed reviews but price was competitive and the installation couldn't have gone smoother to be honest quick to get the system installed and had no issues so far and it makes a big difference to the bills, they are using \bosh inverters now where I got a Chinese brand which had mixed reviews but again no issues so far
  2. alanmcgarragh

    Question about Child visa and tourist visa

    We had been granted our PR visa and had baby in uk before we made the full move, we didn't have to have a medical for her, if you travel with the new born on a holiday visa you will have to take the baby out of oz every 3 months and the visa only lasts a year so the child visa needs to have been approved within that 12 months. we got away without having to apply for child visa because case officer gave duff information which made us wait and have the baby in the uk as she said baby could just be added once born which wasn't the case. good luck hope it all goes well
  3. alanmcgarragh

    Add new born into 887

    Hi we had a similar issue 3 years ago we had been granted our visa and went on our reckie only to find out wife was expecting, we asked our case worker if we could have baby in uk so family could see her before we left and they said yes they would add her to the visa when she is born and has birth cert and passport, well 9 month later baby arrived we got birth cert and passport and asked immi to add her to visa and they then said no we had to make a new application for the baby which could take a year, we had flights booked for 12 weeks later ahhh we said or words slightly stronger, they said we would have to arrive with her under a holiday visa and leave country every 3 months until her PR visa was granted, luckily they saw that this was their mistake and granted her PR when we landed, so you need to make sure that if your visa is in progress that you talk immediately to your case worker before its granted alternatively if you are still expecting when you get your visa approval move out to OZ and have the baby here that way the baby gets instant citizenship as long as you are on a PR visa and not sponsored.
  4. alanmcgarragh

    having a baby after visa granted

    My thinking is no as your baby will be born in Australia, im guessing a 190 visa is a PR visa and not a temp visa, If PR then your new arrival will able to be just added to your visa and I believe eligible for oz passport but it wouldnt be bad idea to discuss with your case worker as wouldnt be in anyway detrimental to travel, good look congratulations and merry xmas Alan
  5. alanmcgarragh

    having a baby after visa granted

    Hi Colleen, firstly congrats on getting the visa and more importantly on the new baby, with us it played out ok in the end as our case worker had made the mistake in telling us that it was okay to have the baby in the uk then just add her to the visa when she was born, we where advised to just go to Australia as planned with the little one on a 12 month tourist visa then contact the case worker when we landed, which we did and thankfully they just added her to the visa at that point. I've made the assumption that baby has arrived,(if not have the baby in Australia) my advice to you would be to speak to your case worker asap as you will have to lodge an application for your daughter as soon as possible, this doesn't mean she wont be able to travel in June with your daughter but she would be on a holiday visa, which if her visa hadn't come through within 3 months of arrival in Australia you would have to take a flight out and back to somewhere like NZ or any other non Oz country, not the best I know but cheaper than cancelling your flights, we were told that her visa could take up to 12 months but that's an outside estimate and I'm sure your case worker can help but you need to act quickly, and try not to stress it will be worth it in the end, we have settled quite we in Adelaide and made some great friends (mainly brits lol) and looking forwards to our first xmas in the sun by the beach, Good luck and let me know how you get on Regards Alan
  6. alanmcgarragh

    hgv work adelaide

    Hi In SA as Blossom stated you can only swap your car licence over automatically and your HGV licence you can get a provisional which will allow you to sit the HGV test, this provisional licence only lasts for 3 months from the time you request it so make sure you have arranged your test and lessons before you get it, the gearbox on vehicles over here is totally different to the type in the uk, they are rangemasters which I believe take some getting used to a lot of double clutching, also just for information when you change your UK licence over it will cost you $40 per year, I paid for 5 year licence but you can pay for up to 10 years if you want to
  7. Hi we are looking for a couple of players to make up our 5-a-side team, we are 4 brits of varying fitness levels, from knackered to totally Knackered in the Port Noarlunga area, we plan to start playing from Sunday 27th and are short of a goalie and one outfield player, so if you fancy a laugh and a chance to join this exclusive ex-pat bunch, send me a message Alan
  8. alanmcgarragh

    having a baby after visa granted

    Hi Jo, That's interesting, had your visa been granted or was it still in the processing stage, our 190 PR visa had been granted and we had been to Adelaide and validated it so not able to just add her on but thankfully I think they are sorting it now and cant wait. regards Al
  9. alanmcgarragh

    having a baby after visa granted

    Hi Blossom, thanks for reply, that's pretty much what will happen as a last resort if they cant sort out things before we go, I have now sorted holiday visa out for little one to travel and we may have to complete a sub class 802 when we land, don't blame any one as the CO has been great , we all make mistakes and theirs is a hard enough job at best of time i'm just glad we can go when planned and while I don't wont to pay another $3500 for the 802 visa I will just smile and hand it over lol
  10. Just thought I would post a cautionary tale about a recent experience. I will begin with the great news back in Nov 2012 when we were granted our 190 visa for me my wife and 3 year old (happy days) we then planned our reccie visit to Adelaide for March 2013 this came and went without a hitch, upon returning we found out my wife was expecting a baby in December 2013 (happy days) April 2013 contacted immigration case worker for advice as would like to have baby in uk so family can see little one before we move for good, information received was that this is not a problem as all we needed to do was to get a birth certificate and passport for the baby when she arrives and send it to them and she would be added to the visa no charge (very happy days) 17th December 2013 10lbs 8 ounce baby girl arrives (very happy days) next day birth cert obtained and passport applied for, as soon as passport received this is sent to case worker as previously agreed. at this point movers booked and paid for, house disposed of, flights booked, temp short term accom booked and paid for and looking forwards to 1st March departure (Happy days) Then Boooom, email from Case worker stating they gave wrong advice and we would now need to apply for a child visa which can take from 3 to 14 months and the applicant cant be in Australia when application lodged or granted and it costs $3000 + medical fees as well not to mention the thought of loosing all the money already forked out if we have to cancel march departure ( not very happy days) Thankfully the case worker and DIAC have understood the position they have put us in and are working hard to resolve the issue so baby can travel with us and not have to leave the country to get a visa granted, this has been a very stressful few days and one no one should have to go through so please take this advice if you find yourself in the situation of having a visa granted then finding out your having a baby. Don't stay in UK until baby has been born, have it in Australia as the baby would automatically be granted the right to stay in Australia, no cost and no hassle Not out of woods yet but phew!!! I can start to enjoy the thought of being in Oz again in March (happy days)
  11. alanmcgarragh

    What is the best age to make the move?

    40!! that's no age I'm 49 and my partner is 42 and will be making the jump in Feb 14 with 2 kids one of 3 and the other only due next week, we also have nice life in uk with large house and good jobs both earning over 50k each but as the saying goes "life is to short and your a long time dead", i'm looking forwards to enjoying the rest of my life in Oz and giving our children the all year round outdoor lifestyle, what's the worst thing that can happen, you don't like it and you come home having had a long holiday, as someone once said to me its better to have tried it and failed than to fail to try, don't find yourself too old and wishing you had done it, because I can promise you if you don't do it you will regret it. Go for it

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