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  1. Yes. My Wife and I got the same. One email for more information and the other for the interview/Test. Both are independent of each other. After you pass the test your application will only be approved after all the pending documents are provided.
  2. yup was pretty quick. Did not expect it to be so fast. The required documents is pretty standard except for the Identity Declaration form 1195 . The form needs to be signed by someone who knows you at least for a year and work in one of the listed occupations on the form (Remember you need to get your photo endorsed as well with the same person). I think this is something you need to get started on as soon as you can. The Police clearance is not required if you haven't spent more than 3 months overseas after you were granted PR.
  3. An update of my Citizenship journey: Location: Adelaide Application date: 30 September 2020 (Me+daughter), July 30 2020 (My Wife) Test: 12th December 2020 (Wife), 27th January 2021 (Me) Approval date: December 16 2020 (Wife), February 12 2021 (Me) Ceremony invite: 4th March Ceremony date: March 18th
  4. Hello everyone, We are eligible to apply for citizenship and I have almost completed filling out the forms online. Since I have been in the USA (4.5 years) after getting my permanent residency, I would need to get the FBI clearance from the US. If people know anything about the FBI clearance the processing time is around 4-5 months. My question is that, can I submit all the other documents along with the fees and then apply for PCC in parallel? When I contacted the immi helpline, they told not to apply for PCC till they ask them, is that right? Can I pay the fees and submit my citizenship application without the PCC? Please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Hello All, My wife's parents were in Australia with us on 600 visa for 3 months. The visa is valid for a year with stays up to 3 months allowed at a time. My question is that they just left on the 15th of April. If we want to bring them back in May, will that be an issue? Do they need to spend a significant amount of time outside Australia to come back (Like in the US where you need to spend equal amount of time outside the country)? Please let me know. We are plannnig to bring them back around May 15th. Thanks.
  6. path2aus

    Safety in Adelaide

    I moved to Adelaide earlier this year. I live in Glenelg with my wife and my daughter. It has been wonderful so far. Every city has its negatives, we need to be safe and follow precautions as we would do in any place.
  7. path2aus

    2 Years in - Thank you

    Great to hear such positive stories, especially for the newbies like me. Good luck with your home.
  8. path2aus

    just received my PR visa, a few questions.

    Hi Jus, I moved here in Jan as well. Most of the questions have been already answered. The bank accounts though, you can if you want do it overseas as well. I did it while I was still in the US. It is simple and straightforward. You would be able to activate your account only after you land here though. The SA license is a simple process. Just walk in with the required documents (Proof of address, Passport, Visa Grant Notice, Your UK license) and fill out a form there and you should get the license within 10 days. The medicare is a also simple to enrol once you are here, I would suggest you only do that when you have an address where you are going to stay at least for a month. The other thing you would need to get paid is the TFN (Even though this is not an immediate requirement, I would just get it out of the way once you are here). It is simple to apply online, again needs to be done when you have a place to stay at least for a month. Since medicare and TFN can take up to a month to arrive, it is better to have an address where you would stay for a good amount of time. Regarding jobs, I am not that sure about your line of work. I would just tell about my experience. Try to build some contacts while you are in UK if you can. You would here lots of rejection from overseas as it is very difficult to find work if you are not physically present in SA. It can happen but is extremely rare. Try to create a network via linked in or so. Once you are here, call them and ask to meet them in person. I did the same once I landed here. I got my first contract in about a month. So best of luck with your move. Cheers!!
  9. path2aus

    Question about Child visa and tourist visa

    The move has been good so far. We were able to get a good rental property within a week near the beach. I was able to get a contract job in just over a month. Still getting settled and setting things up though. We are still in the process of understanding lots of things which are different from the US. But overall the experience has been great, fantastic weather, great people, nice beaches.
  10. path2aus

    Question about Child visa and tourist visa

    Thanks everyone for the responses. We were able to get the PR granted for our baby within 2 months and we were able to get to Australia in January.
  11. Hello All, My wife and I are Australia permanent residents and are planning to move to Adelaide in a month. We have a new born for whom we need to apply for the child visa. The question I have is whether the child needs to go through the health check before lodging of the application? The second question I have is that we are planning to take the child on tourist visa as the Child visa offshore might take around 14 months to be granted. The tourist visa application asks for address in Australia. We are not in Australia yet, so what address should be provide in the application? Can it be a hotel or something? Please let me know as it will be really helpful. Thanks.
  12. path2aus

    Job scenario and moving to Adelaide

    I think lots of people are thinking that I am not doing anything and I am just posting here to crib. I am not doing that, I am sorry if you guys thought that way. I am doing a lots of research and I have lots of recruiters lined up to meet up with me once I lad there. I have huge networking on my linked in carefully built up over the past 4-5 months from companies and agencies who have jobs matching my profile and apart from that I have even contacted companies which provide casual employment, possibly for few hours every week. I did not want to mention all this as this was not the point of this thread. I was just trying to get the perspective of people who have already settled there and was wanting to share what one recruiter told me about the job scenario. I very well understand what it takes to move to a new country and start off from zero. I did that 11 years ago and fought my way through and have been extremely successful. I am sure I can do that again and have the confidence to do so. I think I came off as a guy who is just sitting here and cribbing, I am not. I am just taking some time to get my things sorted out. I will move there for sure and put in the hard yards.
  13. path2aus

    Job scenario and moving to Adelaide

    Hi Rachael, Thanks for your input on this. I don't know why you would think that I am just sitting back and not doing anything. This post was just to understand the perspective of people who are already there. I understand that moving to a new country means that you will have to struggle and it might take time to find something. I moved to US 11 years ago and went through the same phase so I understand more than lots of people what it takes to settle in a new environment. I have been in touch with lots of recruiters over the past 4-5 months and lots of them have agreed to meet up with me once I land there. I have contacted lots of them over linked in and I have been doing lots of research of my own of what is needed. I was just trying to understand what the people go through after moving there. I don't think it is a crime to do that. Thanks for your input anyways, except for moving there (Which I will be doing in couple of months time) I have been doing my due diligence as to what is required to settle and move to a new country.
  14. path2aus

    Job scenario and moving to Adelaide

    Thanks for the information..I need to make the move for sure. I probably will have to take the plunge in the coming months.
  15. path2aus

    Job scenario and moving to Adelaide

    The reason I need to come to Adelaide/SA is because I have a state sponsored PR. I have been in touch with lots of agents in Adelaide and I am not hearing anything positive from them. I do see that the recruiters from other state like the one I spoke with in Brisbane was happy to submit my resume to a big bank for a Business Analyst post. All the recruiters I speak with tell me that my resume/CV is impressive and my experience is great but unfortunately there are lot of people looking for jobs right now in the state. That's the problem I am facing at the moment. I have a state sponsored visa so I need to make a conscious effort to live and settle in SA which is the reason I haven't applied to any jobs outside SA at the moment. There have been more than 200 jobs advertised in SA matching my skill set and experience which I have applied to over the last few months but I wasn't able to get through anything and I have spoken to lots of recruiters (50+ I guess) all of them say the same thing, "More people out of job and if you come to Adelaide we can work something". So that's the reason I posted the same, I am not sure about other industries but IT seems to be a real problem at the moment in SA.

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