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  1. kadina

    2 Years in - Thank you

    Such a lovely post and Mount Barker yes that is a change..we are in Port Noarlunga, all the very best to you and yours
  2. kadina

    Solar Power

    Thanks for that Cliffy what was the name of the companies you used?
  3. kadina

    Solar Power

    Thanks, I have looked at reviews and whirlpool I know what you mean by minefield, that is why I was hoping to get some direct feedback on this site.
  4. kadina

    Fitted Wardrobe

    Thanks, I would like details
  5. kadina

    Air Conditioning

    Are you talking about wall splits, im after ducted reverse cycle, does he do that. If he does I would like his details thanks
  6. kadina

    Air Conditioning

    Hi AllHas anyone had reverse cycle air conditioning fitted recently. I have an old evaporative unit on roof that I would like replaced.Im living in Port Noarlunga so would like someone local.Thanks in advance
  7. kadina

    Fitted Wardrobe

    Hi all Has anyone had a fitted wardrobe installed recently? Im at Port Noarlunga so would prefer someone quite local Thanks in advance
  8. kadina

    Solar Power

    Hi not been here for a while, Has anyone got any advise on solar power suppliers, im looking at getting a 6kw system battery ready. Theres so many suppliers around and i dont want to waste too much time getting quotes Cheers in advance
  9. Hi has anyone had solar panels fitted recently?

    I am looking at a 6kw system battery backup ready. Any recommendations and advice?


  10. kadina

    Building Inspectors / House Surveys

    Yes we've bought several houses here and still always get one done it can bring up hidden things like dampness etc...we negotiated fire alarms being fitted at one house as had none even though being rented Had a skimmer box changed on a swimming pool that was actually illegal the one they had....we are pretty much experts in what to look for but its extra peice of mind and sale is always subject to the inspection outcome...I can recommend 2 places if you've not got one already
  11. kadina

    As each year passes I hate it more 😢

    Private messaged you Star 123
  12. kadina

    Aged care home employment

    Hi guys been a while since I've posted anything but this is a very random request just wondering if anyone knows of any aged care facilities hiring down south that I can contact many thanks
  13. Hi thx for putting this up I did know about it and used one last year for my daughters netball unfortunately not all Gropius / clubs accept them not sure why....my only question is is it per year ? Only it's a new year so could I use one again....thx for the reminder on this X
  14. Totally agree property investment is the way to go
  15. kadina

    A little advise please....ping pong poms

    Im Australia yes and for now here but its not our forever location...we have many plans and areas we'd like to move

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