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  1. Hughes'Roberts

    The Lake

    Great photos Northern Mick!!! Fantastic :-)
  2. Hughes'Roberts

    Breaking Lease - Semaphore Park

    This property is still available.
  3. Hughes'Roberts

    Breaking Lease - Semaphore Park

    Hi, Breaking Lease - Rental available 6th June - House is lovely, very close to the beach (end of the street), parks, shops & public transport nearby. https://m.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-semaphore+park-418458266 Feel free to ask any questions :-).
  4. Hughes'Roberts

    Internet - why is it so hard!

    I wish our Landlord was as kind as yours! Ours wouldnt even meet us half way!
  5. Hughes'Roberts

    Internet - why is it so hard!

    We feel your pain! We too had a nightmare. We approached a few providers. Telstra could provide however no line so we would of had to pay $300 connection. We really didnt want to pay this as we are in a rental and we wont be at this address for long. Anyway we found a ISP called Vividwireless. Its brilliant. Not had any drop outs and speed is great. We can use it anywere we go. If anyone signs up, there is an option to enter a discount code. Put in 83931 as you get a month free. (Its a refer a friend code) if for some reason it expires. You can google another one but searching vividwireless reviews.
  6. Hughes'Roberts

    Royal Adelaide Show time again :)

    Ive never been to the Show so looking forward to it. I am taking my 2 year old on Tuesday especially to watch Dorothy the Dinosaur. Hes absolutely crazy about The Wiggles! Have to admit I love them too ha!
  7. Hughes'Roberts

    Feedback on Move Cube Seven Seas

    No you dont pay it all upfront. I found Movecube were very clear with there charges. When i was gathering quotes from different shipping company many didnt include the Australia cost at this end. So you pay a deposit then only the UK Logistic cost then you pay the second part when the goods have arrived on Australian soil. Like I said Movecube will detail these costings. The only cost that they cant tell is if the Aussie Customs charge you for goods that need treatment etc. Hope this helps.
  8. Hughes'Roberts

    Feedback on Move Cube Seven Seas

    Thanks Snifter as it was yourself who recomended movecube a while back! So cheers for that :-). Things are great, happy to be back. Weve slotted back into a routine, looking forward to some warmer weather now!!.
  9. Hughes'Roberts

    Broadband Supplier Recommendations - Semaphore Park

    This was our fears! We know only too well your frustrations. We too have lived in West Lakes and no one could provide us. We ended up getting mobile broadband too. It was so annoying. Ive since found out we have a phone line installed and the previous tenants had the internet so its looking good :-). Think we are going to go with TPG, unlimited for $60 but they have high set up fees!
  10. Hughes'Roberts

    Broadband Supplier Recommendations - Semaphore Park

    Hi Philly47 Optus didnt give me much info just 'sorry we cannot offer you broadband as they cannot connect at our premises'. Weve been looking at TPG, set up fees arent cheap though?
  11. Hughes'Roberts

    Broadband Supplier Recommendations - Semaphore Park

    Thank you!! Ill check out the link snifter, cheers:-)
  12. Hi Everyone, Is there anyone that lives in Semaphore Park that can recommend a good Broadband supplier? (Optus cannot provide) Thanks
  13. Hughes'Roberts

    Feedback on Move Cube Seven Seas

    Hi, I wanted to share our move cube feedback with the forum especially to anyone that's thinking of using them. We decided to go ahead and book a Small Cube for our return to Adelaide. The Small Cube measures 2 square metres (size of a red telephone box), we only had personal belongings, no furniture so the small one was adequate for us, we filled it with 15 boxes and had loose items too and there was still room left! Customer service was very good, helpful and responded quickly to any questions we had. Impressed how quick they could book us in, Just a week after our phone call we had them come out to complete the site inspection and then a few days after we had our move cube delivered to be loaded Had frequent emails keeping me informed of the cubes movement, I could also log in on there website to see track the cube and to also make any outstanding payments. Shipment took 11 weeks which is what I was advised. All belongings intact and noticed the cube was packed very well! Drivers we're very helpful Paperwork straight forward enough Good price too Overall we we had an execellent experience with Movecube, had no issues at all, fantastic service and we would highly recommend there services! Thanks Sevenseas.
  14. We arrived and we survived the flight with our little one!! :-) We cannot believe how good our little boy was! He slept for 8 hours on the first leg and 2 hours on the second. The inbetween bit was fine too, he sat in his seat (totally recommend getting a seat) and watched good old Peppa Pig and had a nosy around. Thanks for the recommended night flight out of London...it was definitely the best option! Glad to be back in Adelaide!! Arrived to beautiful sunshine! Now the challenge of getting the LO adjusting to the time difference!
  15. Hughes'Roberts

    booster seat for 6 years old

    You could always hire one until you find the one your satisfied with. We used Jen at Adelaide Baby Hire on a few occasions. Shes fab! We are hiring off her again for next week. She has an agreement with a few of the Hire Car companys at Airport wereby she installs it prior to you picking your car up. http://www.adelaidebabyhire.com.au/

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