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  1. Hi ACA, what field are you in Bob
  2. bob_kennedy

    State of the (Irish) Nation

    [h=1]To say I am a little disappointed in my fellow Irish men and women today is an understatement. Judging by how the General Election is going it looks like cronyism and parochial politics is well and truly alive and kicking. 8 years ago this form of government ruined the lives of generations to come. Last night Ireland allowed them back in. Amid all the protests and street marching and social media furor, people lost touch or forgot reality again when voting. What really upsets me though is that It now looks like any new government will have to form a partnership with Sinn Fein. Yes that very same “we are a political party” PR devision of the I.R.A. You know the I.R.A. that does not exist anymore. The very same Sinn Fein and very same Sinn Fein leader who declared “They haven’t gone away you know”. It is truly depressing, and makes me happy to be not there.[/h]
  3. bob_kennedy

    Rental question for newbie

    It depends on circumstance. We rented until September last year. The Landlord was overseas for a year. The house had a lovely rear garden, and we agreed that if I kept the garden growing and green, then we could agree a discount. We got a discount and a water allowance out of it. We were first time renters with no history, but we had the 100 points. Im not saying all renters are the same but the point is they are all different.
  4. bob_kennedy


    Great Positive article by BobinOz (no not me). http://www.bobinoz.com/blog/18519/moving-to-australia-will-it-all-work-out/
  5. bob_kennedy

    watching UK tv thru pc

    I have tested with the ITV hub and have been able to watch all the back catalogue that I tried. I have an issue watching live TV, but that could be my crappy broadband. I used Unblock-Us it back in Ireland when I needed the BBC iPlayer and the US Netflix and it works here also equally. I think from memory they give you a 30 day trial without needing a credit card
  6. bob_kennedy

    watching UK tv thru pc

    https://www.unblock-us.com/supported-services?_ga=1.96660697.792106648.1448963117 Scroll down to the TV section. I have had no its issues with BBC/4oD or Sky Go. I have not tried the X-Factor Channel (or ITV to give it it's proper name ) so I cannot vouch for that one, but the rest do work.
  7. bob_kennedy

    watching UK tv thru pc

    I use "unblock-us". It's not a vpn solution, it's a DNS solution. This means you don't have the slowdown associated with a vpn connection. Anyway it's 50 US dollars a year and is simple to use. It also allows you to look at US free to air TV and US Netflix
  8. bob_kennedy

    Bought a House!!

    I know the feeling. There is no place like home. It's a good house. Garage, large shed, 5 good size bedrooms, a bit dated decor wise(70's) but solid double brick walls throughout. The fun now is spending years making it our own
  9. bob_kennedy

    Bought a House!!

    It feels real now. Anyway off to Bunnings!!
  10. bob_kennedy

    Bought a House!!

    We just collected the keys this morning. I feel complete now
  11. bob_kennedy

    No longer on the fence

    We were at the festival today. When we got back and I told him today's result he was very upset. Bless
  12. bob_kennedy

    No longer on the fence

    Well after hemming and hawing about it for the last six months, my son, my 5 year old that is, has decided we are a Crows family. He liked the colours, what can I say. So I will now, as I always have done get completely obsessed by a team I have absolutely no background history with. (Liverpool, Boston Redsox). It's too late to change now, we have already spent the money on his replica top which he wears with pride at Auskick. !!!
  13. bob_kennedy

    Who turned off the sun?

    I walk to work, and it was chilly this morning!
  14. bob_kennedy

    Who turned off the sun?

    I thought it would take me a lot longer to acclimatise. Seriously though is it too early to light the fire? Glad we shipped the duck downs.
  15. bob_kennedy

    flights to adelaide

    It's the International Organisation for Migration. Have a look through the web site, find your local office, and ask them about flights. Our flights were 800USD each for Adults and 600USD each for the kids. http://www.iom.int/cms/en/sites/iom/home.html

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