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  1. nikkinoodlesuk

    watching UK tv thru pc

    Hi We've been using 'tellypass' for few years problem free to watch UK tv, but for some reason my laptop restarted today and now when using Itvplayer or bbc player it won't work as it knows I'm abroad. What do other people use? I have an android box too but our internet ain't too clever so we stopped using it. Atleast with bbc iplayer it gives the option to download and watch later. Thanks in advance
  2. nikkinoodlesuk

    A little advise please....ping pong poms

    We've been her almost 7 yrs and still get pangs of homesickness. Don't think it ever goes away, although we know we are happy here, still get the odd pull. We go back every few years and always look forward to returning to Adelaide at the end of the holidays.
  3. nikkinoodlesuk

    Returning to the UK earlier than expected

    We went back just after a year, My Mam had a stroke a few months after we emigrated and I needed to see she was ok, plus it was her 60th birthday one of those important milestones. We also had another family member with severe problems which made it difficult for us. When back in the UK my husband was having mixed feelings but I was sooo looking forward to coming back to Adelaide. We've been here over 5 years now, and love it, although husband and oldest daughter still get very homesick, we have a trip booked to spend Xmas in Wales and as much as I'm looking forward to it, I've got a feeling my husband and daughter are going to struggle returning to Adelaide. This will be our 3rd trip back and it seems to get harder each time, I also think the fact that we have a strong network of family and friends in Wales is the reason it gets harder.
  4. nikkinoodlesuk

    How does childcare funding work over here? I'm confused!

    if you have PR status, child care fees are means tested so what you pay will depend on what you earn. You can claim back half of out of pocket expenses providing your working and that part is not means tested. If that makes any sense. You may also be entitled to child/family benefit again means tested nikki
  5. nikkinoodlesuk

    new friends :)

    Hey Aimee We are also in the Northern subs aswell, my daughter Chloe is also 13 and yr 8 we've been here 5 yrs and pretty much settled but you never forget your friends. Ask your Mum to pm me if you girly afternoon out, Chloe's not on PIA nikki
  6. nikkinoodlesuk

    A post about being back in UK

    we weren't too chuffed with the traffic as we left airport last visit in 2012 it's quite scary when your not used to it! we also found people in shops not too helpful and miserable looking. I enjoy shopping in Adelaide as staff always seem to make a fuss.
  7. nikkinoodlesuk

    Packing boxes wanted

    you can get boxes from bunnings they normally have a large section behind the till area where you can help yourself to free boxes.. goodluck with your move
  8. nikkinoodlesuk

    Help for homeless teen

    Contact the homeless gateway they would be best to advise or maybe one of those twelve-25 places specialise in helping youngsters. Housing SA would probably help with any housing assistance along with centrelink.
  9. nikkinoodlesuk

    Getting away before easter

    thanks we were thinking Moonta might be good !
  10. nikkinoodlesuk

    Getting away before easter

    Looking for ideas please, Fancy a couple of days away before easter. Can someone reccomend a nice 3 day family break within 2/3 hours of Adelaide and not too expensive. Husbands got a few days of work and thought we'd try and get away, we've already arranged a few days up the river for easter so looking for something different fun for kids and maybe spot of fishing. thanks Nikki
  11. nikkinoodlesuk


    Funlife in Ingle Farm is nice and friendly, reasonably priced and near Modbury. We've been going a few months and find the staff are great. I like the group fitness aswell as gym so it suits us. I did ask about the group classes at anytime fitness and was told they have 24 hour virtual group classes, I can't imagine a virtual class, would that be the same as working out to a dvd mmmmmm not sure. nikki...
  12. No I don't think charging joining fees would work. I've been a member for a few years now, I post occasionally and join in some discussions but sometimes I just have a nose through too see if there's any news, maybe events advertised. I have helped a few new arrivals with items no longer needed or advise helping people settling in, I have also made some lovely fiends along the way. Charging will put people off joining as number would fall.
  13. nikkinoodlesuk

    WANTED - Cardboard boxes

    We recently moved and got boxes from bunnings. go to your local bunnings and see if they supply free boxes as i assume all bunnings stores are the same or simular. Nikki
  14. nikkinoodlesuk

    West Lakes Meet up

    aww can't do 31st already got plans.... next time
  15. nikkinoodlesuk

    West Lakes Meet up

    thanks for that Debbie, we'll try and come along, probably without kids just wanted to check

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