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  1. suzy


    Hello Im looking for a casual babysitter, nothing formal, someone who can do the occasional evening and or weekend / school holiday for a few hours here and there.... We have 2 kids a girl who's nearly 5 and a boy who's 18 months. We live in Rostrevor. Husband and I just looking to be able to have the odd evening out and maybe a bit of occasional help weekends or hols. Would like to find someone regular as opposed to an agency sending different people each time. Can anyone help / point us in the right direction? Many thanks Suzy
  2. Hi jus, I arrived end of Jan and have managed to sort all the same things you need to, basically as already answered by the others just go to the offices, although I would say get there early as they get busy, I was in Medicare for 2 hours waiting! Take as much ID as possible. Your uk license is ok for 90 days and you can register a car without a SA license you will just need a client number which car sales person can do or you can get from same place you get license (I stupidly had my uk license still in maiden name so had a small issue sorting that out). It is all fairly straightforward. I did the bank account once here, you need to take id in to active the account so might as well do it all at once, go to a branch where you're living, I'm with ANZ and they've been quite helpful. PM me if you've questions it's all still fairly fresh in my mind! Good luck with the move. Cheers Suzy
  3. suzy

    Moving in 2017

    Hello! yes we have arrived safe and sound, moved into our rental and our stuff arrived last week so lots of unpacking! Elle my 4 year old is in rostrevor kindy and she loves it, my youngest is 1 next week. I am missing my 'mum' friends from home and would be great to meet some other people with children the same age. I struggle to fill the days during the week especially when it's so hot!! I'm sure I'll get used to it. Happy to be here
  4. suzy

    Moving in 2017

    hello! im moving in January we leave uk on 23rd. It's taken nearly 2 years all together applying for visa, selling house and getting organised but finally we are almost there. We have a 4 year old girl and a 9month old boy. Will be in eastern suberbs. We didn't use a migration agent, we had all the info and did it direct, the agents are very expensive. Be nice to stay in touch, good luck with everything suzy x
  5. suzy

    Little Athletics

    Thanks NicF - yes really looking forward to getting there. My husband is from Rostrevor and we will be staying with his family to begin with then looking for a place of our own. Our daughter has just been accepted into rostrevor kindy starting end of January, a few little things to sort out here and hopefully we'll be there mid January
  6. suzy

    Little Athletics

    This looks superb. We are moving to Rostrevor in Jan and my little girl who will be 4 would love this. I assume we would have to wait until the following season or do you think it might be possible to join in for the last few weeks? Thansk Suzy
  7. suzy

    Visa granted - yippee

    thanks for the advice - you are right I'm over thinking it. We'll get there and just fit in with everyone else - I can't wait!
  8. suzy

    Visa granted - yippee

    Hello! My marriage visa was granted this week after 13 months waiting! So now we need to sell the house, buy airline tickets and pack the bags! Entry to Aus must be by 5th Feb so hopefully we can get all that done by then. I'm married to Dave who is from Adelaide and we have 2 kids Elle who's 3 and Daniel who'd 4 weeks! Really looking forward to saying goodbye to the poor English weather and getting settled over there. We will initially be settling in Rostrevor as that is where Dave's family are. I have a question regarding schools / kindergarten if anyone is able to help. I understand that the school term starts in Feb so that is handy as we will have arrived by then, our daughter will be 4 1/2 by then and I understand would go to kindy for 2 days per week. Over here she has already been in pre-school for 1 year going 3 days per week. She's born early sept so if we stayed in UK would start full time school sept 2017 (but if was born a week earlier would be starting this year) So in effect she won't be starting actual school over there until feb 2018 - I'm worried that this may be a bit too late for her and worry she may get a bit bored - has anyone else moved over there with kids of this age? Or am I just worrying over nothing! Also Dave works in IT kind of project managing for large manufacturing firms and I am a recently qualified reflexologist - any ideas what the job front is looking like in these areas. So looking forward to getting there, settling and meeting new people Any advice, tips or info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Suzy x
  9. Hello Does anybody know how long it takes to process a partner visa 309. I am English and my husband is from Adelaide. We would like to move there later this year as we think it's a better life for us and our 2 year old daughter. Anyone know when the best time to apply for a visa is and should I be using a visa agency / migration expert or shall I just go through the on line process on the Aussie Immigration site? Any advice much appreciated Suzy

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