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Energetic, Motivated, Intelligent looking for an office position.

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    I am a self-motivated, energetic and intelligent person with good computer skills looking to kick start my career with a traineeship or position within an office.


    I have 12 GCSEs (Including Maths, English, Science, IT and Business) 1 AS-Level (Citizenship, A) and 2 A-Levels (Politics, B and Media, B.) I am currently in the process of getting these qualifications converted into their South Australian equivalents.


    Whilst in the UK I recieved various conditional offers from universities in England and Scotland, however cannot go to University in Australia due to the costs associated. Instead I am looking to kick-start a career which will aid my personal and proffessional development.


    I have experience in customer services and data entry during my time employed with Sodexo and have worked as a graphic designer, designing logos to be printed onto t-shirts.


    During my school and college years I was a Course Representative and Member of Student Parliament respectively which means I was tasked with representing my class mates to the governing bodies of my school and college. I was voted into these positions and fulfilled them with pride.


    I am willling to throw all my effort into any position or traineeship offered to me for the benefit of myself and my employer.


    If interested please PM me or send me an e-mail on:


    Don't hesitate to ask for a resume through either of these communication methods.




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    Hi Jamie


    I am not able to help you on the job front I'm afraid but I just wanted to say that with your credentials and attitude then I am sure that you will be snapped up.


    Good luck with it.




    Yep, got to second Andy's view - shouldn't be looking for work for long.


    Good luck, Jim

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