Another 475 Visa Grant!!! Adelaide / Mandurah - still not decided!!

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    We would like to thank the members of this forum for the much encouraging comments and feedback. Though we don't post many here we gain much by going through many posts written by other members who are in the same position or have gone through this phase.


    We submitted our application way back in 2008 but for various personal reasons we were not in a hurry so did not follow up with them.


    We did our medicals last August on their request and heard nothing until yesterday. Like many others, we were thinking we will be getting our visa in 2012 but got the grant letter yesterday!!!!


    We have to enter by 26th May 2010!!!! Such a short time!!! Hoping to get up to August 2010 - up to the date of medicals!!???


    We have 3 teenage daughters and a much younger son. One daughter finished her Alevels this Jan, one will finish by Jun 2010 and another by June 2011.


    We hope to make our initial entry in March (next month) to give kids more time to prepare for their June exams. May be migrate end of the year.


    Any suggestions for the 2 weeks (19th March to 2nd April) trip to Adelaide / Perth would be much appreciated. Any TO Do Lists for on arrival?


    Is it possible to apply for OAA if we are going to be there for just 2 weeks? Can we apply for OAA in Jan 2011 if we don't use them this time?


    I would like to know about the Universities in Adelaide & Perth as 2 of the kids will be starting Uni in Jan 2011. hhhmmm I know its expensive for us on this visa!!!


    Thank you all and good luck to those who are still waiting for their visa.



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