Lite-on DVD Recorder

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    Hi brought this over from the UK. It will only pick up two aussie channels. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be much appreciated.





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    If this is the DVD-R model you've got then poor reception appears to be endemic.


    • Really poor quality television tuner:
      • All the channels are badly tuned in at the default (they're supposedly preset to the standard frequencies), and channel 10 is overloaded by the sound carrier to the point that the picture is blacked out. Manual fine-tuning restores reception to channel 10, but all channels give poor pictures (over-peaked edges) unless detuned to the point where the chroma signal is distorted, and the manual tuning is quite poor (it only steps in rather large increments, and you can only see a small preview window while fine-tuning).
      • The recorder interferes with its own tuner, making very noticeable distortions to the picture. It's easily demonstrated, you can make them come and go by toggling pause on and off while recording.

      • The tuner only has mono sound.


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