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Moving soon

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    Guest irish mike

    Hello everyone,

    Just a few lines to update our move, our furniture left last week, we are squatting in our own house he he. My wife leaves on the 27th Oct with the baby they are going to thailand for a month, wife orginally from there although moved to Jersey when she was 4.

    I leave Jersey on the 7th Nov arrive project adelaide on the 9th, start work a couple days later, i will have to try and find suitable rentals to look at for when my wife arrives on the 27th Nov. Got lots to do scarey stuff but will be worth it in the end.

    I think i will be close to an alcoholic:biglaugh: with all the leaving dues i have to attend before we leave he he.

    Hoping our furniture will arrive before xmas but only hoping, take care guys looking forward to a bright future.


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