work at Child Care Centre in Adelaide?

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    Hi there,


    Wandered if anyone has worked at a Child Care Centre over here at all? I am possibly considering part time work in this area.

    I know full clearance is obviously necessarily. Has anyone had an experience over here Good, Bad, Ugly pls??!! Any advice pls would be greatly appreciated.


    Have my own boy who is nearly 2.


    I know cert 3 is the qualification.


    Many thanks. Cheers.

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    Guest markmet

    Hi Sue

    I work for a children's Centre as an Assistant although I am qualified in the uk which I find rather annoying. The minimum requirement is a cert 3 which is what my qualification has been assessed as. Community children's centres are more like the uk centres I have been told but where I am they are quite different and takes a lot of getting used to. I have been in my job for around 8 months now and am still struggling to get my head around the differences. If you are qualified or you have cert 3 you will have no problem gaining employment. You may struggle to find part time work, so you may want to consider being relief staff. This way you can work the hours you want when you want. I started off this way and was called in most days so the work is pretty regular. The down side to this though is you would have to go to different centres as and where they need you, which I personally didnt like much and you dont get annual leave, sick leave etc. Hope this helps.


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    i have worked here as a childcare assistant for 2 and half years now. I have a NVQ in the UK and that got RPL'd for a cert 3 and knocked a bit off my diploma which I am now doing (slowly lol). There are still places that will take you on if you dont have a cert 3 or are doing your training.


    I started as relief then went to part time casual (money was better) but now work 4 days on a contract in a place I love ;). I have worked in some centres that are crap and some which are great, even had one who tried to pay me under award wage:eek:.


    I have never been out of work and walked from one job to another and have even had to make a choice of what centre I wanted.


    Where are you living/looking to live?

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