on hols in uk and loving it!!!!!

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    hi there


    much as i have enjoyed our 1st 10 months in Adelaide, we have had to head back on hol sooner than originally thought.......


    some of you may have read the post that my Dad in Law was having tests on liver and pancreas, and had lost 4 stone q suddenly..


    after many phone calls, my hubbys job got rained off in NSW and within 48 hours we booked and were on a flight, toddler included!!!!!!!..


    although we have come back to see Dad in Law and help him out (he now has been diagnosed with tumour on liver - v sad, usually a very FIT man), i just wanted to say how much i am enjoying some of the little things, like the fd shops, countryside, familiar people,


    there does however seem to be a lot of traffic on road, and maybe (for us, the job situation is not so good???!!!!!! who knows), may also BE FACT WE ARE ON HOLIDAY IN UK, WITH NO PARTICULAR PRESSURES??!!!, it feels good???!!!!!


    i will return however, i just wanted to say, how great it feels to be "touching base" with everyone etc, even tho we have a v difficult goodbye to do in a few wks.........


    anyone else been home within the year?, i expect everyone loved it too???!!!!!



    from sometimes cold but springlike pommie land!!!!!!!

    all 3 of us did flight, i was dreading doing it by myself with toddler!!!!!

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    Guest Guest75

    Glad you are enjoying it.



    I found it OK to visit back a s a "tourist".


    Hate the traffic.

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    I went back at Christmas. Similar reasons to you, my Dad is unwell. Unfortunately I didn't experience the same feelings as you and I couldn't wait to go home to SA. I got treated badly, people don't like to change their routine and won't change either. I didn't go anywhere for a whole month. I won't be hurrying back anytime soon.

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    Guest scmercer

    Hi Sue


    I am so glad you all got to go back. Hope everything is OK with your father in law. It will make you feel better going home for a bit, I am sure it must be really nice to see everyone. Have a nice holiday and will be in touch when you get back.



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