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Guest Chelseadownunder

Unfortunately there are a few scams around at the moment.

One is where the Indian sounding guy calls you with your name and some other details and he tells you he is from Microsoft and there is an error on your computer he has called to fix it.

The other one is the guy from Africa who would like to buy your Ebay stuff. He is a ordained priest or something similar. His money doesnt appear in your ebay account and he tells you to send the items with the postal reciept number and he wi

ll pay once he gets this number. My son almost got caught by this had we not interviened.

Some people are @#$%hole$ arnt they....:sad:

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I had the Indian Microsoft one a few weeks back, totally ridiculous. Unfortunately some people must fall for these scams else they wouldn't bother trying. I just hang up on them. A charity phoned the other day, husband answered, the line was something like "I'm calling from whatever charity it was (can't remember), how would you like to pay, credit card or bank transfer? Can I take your details now?". These people have a lot of cheek. My husband told them to get lost.

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