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    If anyone knows of a 2/3 bed property for rent then let me know. Would ideally like a reasonably nice property and will pay up to $450 a week. Ideally after a 2 bed but could cope with 3 (we'd just leave the door shut on the third room lol).


    Looking south of the city but no further south than Marion really.



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    We saw one in eastwood on Monday that was quite nice, two bedroom, but nice big rooms, and a nice big paved courtyard outside. We were the only people at the viewing, and our first choice came through so we're not taking it.


    This other one in parkside is also still available I think, it's listed as a two bed, but it's got a huge dining area and separate lounge, so effectively like having an extra room in terms of storage. It's got a nice garden with grass. (was slightly too big for us, and we didn't want the hassle of looking after a garden, but other than that seemed like a nice place)


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