Front seats on the migration Rollercoaster!

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    OMG the last few weeks have flown by. Everything is coming together at such a pace I have had to sit down and take stock for a few minutes... and thought I'd update you all with our move.


    Last day at work yesterday, everyone must have thought I was a stone woman as had no emotion over leaving... but thats not the truth, I just don't think anything has sunk in and nothing feels real at the mo.

    My OH Lee is on his way home now from his last offshore trip, so thats us both unemployed!!!


    Shipping company coming on 28th (Thursday)

    We are then travelling between Tyne&Wear and Norfolk saying our farewells to family and friends.

    Cat is flying out 14th :-(((( so worried about her.

    We fly 17th!!!!! Having a 9hour layover in Singapore to stretch out legs and hopefully see some sights

    Arrive Adelaide 19th August!!

    We have just lined up a furnished holiday let until the shipping arrives.


    I am so excited about the move but feel emotionally numb. Can't believe its all happening, after years of waiting for visas this last bit is happening so fast!!

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    Hi Lauren


    I remember those feelings well!! You are arriving virtually the same time as we did 4 years ago...We left on Aug 15th and had a stop over in SIngapore and arrived here Aug 21st.


    I was excited and just could wait to get here all the way through our visa process. I felt the same as you - like our leaving party, I didnt have any tears or emotion - it was just joy that I was moving here.


    AUstralia hasnt dissappointed us - 4 years on , I still pinch myself that we live in the best country (in my opinion) in the world!!


    Good luck with the next few weeks left in the UK - be happy!



    Sarah x

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    We arrive two weeks after you so we know what you are going through.

    Cant wait though now to set off just going through the last few nights with friends.

    Good luck with the move and hope all goes well.

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    Thanks guys.

    I think I will probably sleep for a month when I get there just to get over all the stress.

    I swear I'm one wrong word from a nervous breakdown - Lol!

    I think once the shipping has gone next week and we are left camping in our empty house it will feel a bit more real and an I will start to enjoy it...

    Our holiday rental is on the esplanade in Aldinga Beach.... so can just picture myself chilling looking out across the ocean.

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    It does hit home the following day after the shippers have been in,looks like the baillifts have been,thankgoodness we are taking the laptop with us, lol:biggrin:,


    all the best with the shippers and move

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