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  1. ajford

    For sale 2012 kia rio 1.4l

    Hi more info about the Kia Rio. it is a Manual Drive, has bluetooth, CD player, electric windows, AC. its a lovely economical car only selling as no longer required. thanks
  2. Immaculate 2012 Kia Rio Hatchback-Silver Full Service Record 83,000Km Rego til May $9350 P.M for viewings/info
  3. ajford

    Free to collect.

    Cheers for the reply and pic, however it's not what we are looking for
  4. ajford

    Free to collect.

    Hi is the table still available and what size is it,is there any pics of it? cheers Andy
  5. ajford

    Rhino racks

    Hi do you have the model number and a picture please.
  6. ajford

    wanted large tv box

    We recently moved and I took the large tvs in the car with back seats down with , packed them with cushions, duvet between the screens as I didn't want these damaging in the main truck , I also took the large mirrors with me at the same time. I guess you may have other large boxed items you could use to Wedge them in to limit the movement. cheers
  7. ajford

    Heatwave - how much did it cost you?

    We didn't bother with ours at all never have done people said we were mad not to use it however being from Yorkshire says a lot how I spend a $$$, We did have a couple of extra Ice blocks/Zoopers that were on offer at both Foodland and Coles so I guess $7 for 2 bags was well spent and spent a lot of time at the beach and used the sea to cool down in lol
  8. Hi All, We are selling our spare mountain bike which was used for getting from A to B whilst waiting for our other bikes to arrive in our shipping container, we added a child seat so Issy was able to come for bike ride too until she learnt to ride her own-she was 3 when we came over. Its been a good bike and is in great condition- its been in the garage and still works well. The bike is a 66cm frame, Make: Diamondback Apex 18 speed Shimano gear set Front suspension , Front Disc Brake Bike stand + kids seat for full spec. Google Big W Diamondback Apex 66cm- I couldn't work out how to do a proper link or get it to work - the nearest comparison is the Diamondback outlook Price $ 80 ono thanks for your time ,please pm us if your interested
  9. ajford

    Moana Surf Life Saving Club

    Hi we are members of moana training restarts on Saturday 11th Jan @ 8.5-9am all I can suggest is come down and have a chat with someone they will be able to tell you. Lisa
  10. Hi Just to let you know they don't ram religious beliefs down your throat at southern vales. I went on the Christianity explained before my kids started there and it was for about 1 hr to explain about Christianity so you don't start getting worried or wondering why your kids may come home telling you about jesus and stories from the bible. southern vales is a brilliant school, the kids that go there are so welcoming and so are the teachers. my kids settled In there after just one day of schooling and have never been happier. neither myself or my husband are overly religious but it hasn't bothered us as we just want our kids to go to a really good school and to us that was southern vales.
  11. Hi bcfc 1974, It can be hard for Parents/Grand parents etc.. when it comes to leaving for Adelaide/or any place away from their home as its all they have known for some and they are upset for the loss and closeness they once had and may not have again. You have to live for yourself and do whats best for you and the future of your children if you have them or not, it depends also what type of life you have while in the UK ,how much you depended on them around you including friends. Our parents were different in a way- asked questions about the process etc..., however this was before we got accepted for the visa and the reality kicked in for them that we were leaving the UK for good and we were looking forward TO IT without feeling guilty about leaving them and the life we had behind. We too had the guilt trips about never seeing the kids growing up, not being able to afford coming over etc.. and tears from my dad all the time et... however saying that being a northerner I may sound harsh when I say the following-however the uk or where we were from was ferral, not safe, no opportunities for the development of my children and their/ our future. I don't believe they would have had much of a chance in the the uk(Leeds), its no fun always looking over your shoulder when you are walking around the place you grew up or while in the city not being able to trust the people around you. We might have been unlucky not having genuine friends etc.. who say there going to keep in touch etc.. then never do, or loved ones who cant be bothered with you so much even when you have tried yourself, however that's no skin off my nose..lol. I know why we came here for US and our future. There will be times when you get low and think about what you used to have etc.. then the sun shines through the window and you see your kids being kids playing out , I agree with the above posts about visits, emails etc.. . There is still things called phones, Skype letters and you can only do so much good luck to you. The grass isn't always greener on the other side and when bad things happen ,it is hard however what doesn't destroys you can make you stronger. We have no regrets and should it not work out at least we had a go- We have been here over two years and its been a bit of a rollercoster however we are still here going strong-our friends over here are worth more than double the ones in the uk, they are genuine and want nothing from you and are always there when and if you should need them. They become your new family
  12. ajford

    where to buy new furniture?

    Harvey Norman can be ok too, depends what style your after
  13. Hi Ali, good on you for keeping going Have you considered FIFO jobs, a friend of mine was struggling for work and did a security 1 week course in the fifo, fly in fly out over in WA he told me to look for omega security on seek?, he did say it took a little while to get the job doing it however he now loves it works a 2 weeks on 1 off rosta, There is other companies Like KJM contractors who deal with many different lines of work-most of the work is casual though. I know a few tradies who have been unfortunate to find a job in their desired fields so are working as camp attendants and training like yourself (gud on yer) to learn on there days off- I don't know if you have to be a PR resident to apply for these jobs as I had to be in the catering side, however you never know. Good luck in your future pursuits, I go through stages when there is no work and waiting to re-start at camps and seek becomes my next best friend, Things will work out for you :0)
  14. ajford

    Local Removals Recommendations

    Hi we used www.mimimovers.com.au as we were going a short distance, not bad prices and they charge in 15min increments.
  15. ajford

    A bit of an update

    good luck with the search , I am sure it will work out for you

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