sausage rolls

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    My kids don't like the skin on the sausages as it's a bit tough, so I cut the skin and put the meat into a bowl add garlic (puree or powder) some breadcrumbs, chives and some surf n turf spices, sometimes will put tomato sauce in or maybe a spoon of curry powder. Cut a sheet of ready pastry in half or quarters and stuff with sausage meat, cook till pastry golden. Also do my own cornish pasties and steak puddings.

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    Sounds like a winner to me, good for parties too, the sausages are good for a quick meatball dish too, as I found out by accident, was cutting the sausages for a casserole and the skins came off, like your self mixed with herbs,garlic rolled served with a Tom sauce and pasta.

    Left overs following day in a wrap with chilli cheese,placed in the sarni toaster.

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