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    Hi everyone,


    We just arrived in Adelaide. Staying at Margarita's Place in Glandore for a week whilst trying to find a rental. After that, who knows where we'll end up? We're looking around Flagstaff Hill, Blackwood & Hallett Cove over next few days and trying to amass those precious 100 points to get rentals/credit/mobiles etc...


    Anyone have any tips for anything at all? Any advice very gratefully accepted!


    Cheers, Tim

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    Welcome to SA lol!


    I haven't got any truly useful tips other than, perhaps, try not to stress and go with the flow a bit- weather permitting!


    Oh, I kinda have one for the 100 point thing. I don't know if you can use a letter from your rental as proof of address (maybe check with the owners that they don't mind before you do? Or is that me over-worrying?) and get your Medicare card and driving licence as they are worth heaps towards proof of identity.


    Enjoy...and as soon as it isn't so cold, maybe look into spending an evening at the Moonlight Theatre.


    It's near the zoo, usually easy to get a park and they have various films aimed at families, dog lovers (there's an actual bring-your-dog night lol!) etc All you need to do is rock up, bring blankets, picnics etc and chill as the night falls. As it gets darker you might even see the possums, hear an owl and thank whatever that you are finally here :)



    ps. Or you can hire their beanbags and buy their food etc :) easy but way more expensive lol!

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    Hey Tim!

    A big welcome to you all! Great time of year to arrive!

    Best thing I did was open a bank account as soon as I got here (they just needed my UK passport and UK drivers licence) then they were able to print me off a letter with my address and bank details on so I could use that to get phone contract etc.

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoy settling in!!


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    Guest bosco

    get your aus driving licence and medicare card and copy of your passport thats what i had and got offered the first two rentals i looked at.

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