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OMG The removal company are packing up tomorrow!!

Guest vikkiann

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Guest vikkiann

I thought this day would never come.


At 8.15 tomorrow morning we have Doree Bonner coming in to pack up our house.

The house is a total tip! I've been sorting stuff out, dismantling beds and wardrobes.


I've never lived in such a pigsty!!

We'll be sleeping downstairs tonight. Was due to exchange today at the latest but of course our buyers solicitors are still messing us about. They should be shot, fingers crossed we exchange tomorrow.


I've had a couple of glasses of vino tonight to calm my nerves.


Thanks for listening to my rant!!!



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Guest vikkiann

I know.

What an amazing time.


Does anyone know if there is any order that they pack in?


i.e ... Do they start upstairs? White goods first? etc

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Guest Sachertorte

If you free up the space you want to keep for the night downstairs, you can have everything you need after they've gone in one room (eg bed, go-away clothes, luggage etc) That's what we did. That gives them leeway to pack the house contents away as they deem fit. I remember as if I were seeing it before my very eyes the sight of our mattress being the last item packed being pushed upright just behind the container doors and... slam! Container sealed and house empty! Strange sense of the irreversibility of our decision and elation at the thought of our new adventure.


You will be fine!

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Oh how exciting, Vikki! And terribly nerve-racking all in one! It brings it all back to me! We were also due to exchange the day our container came and I remember sitting on our empty bedroom floor as the container door was slammed shut with all our belongings, crying my eyes out because the solicitor had just told us about a delay with our buyers! It all came good in the end and here we are! So try and relax and remember to take lots of photos of all the packing! They are good to look back on as you soon forget just what it was like!


You'll be here before you know it!

All the best,


Lyn x

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