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School formals


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Well, just dropped my daughter off at a friend's where a limo will pick them up and take them to their Year 12 formal. DD has had her hair beautifully done by a wonderful local hairdresser, had her makeup done at Myers, spent a fortune on dress, shoes, accessories... as I'm sure have all her friends! Only time in my life anyone else has ever done my makeup was on the day of my wedding, ah, things were different in my day....


At their school, they get to attend the formal in Year 11 too, so last year we had a simlar thing (although scaled down somewhat knowing we'd have to do it all again this year!) and later in the year, they have a Graduation Ball... of course, no-one could possibly wear the same dress to two of these events...so, what we reckon the girls ought to do after each formal is form a cooperative and store all their dresses together somewhere, and rent them out next year to a different group of girls from a different school! That way, the other girls would get a bargain, and our girls would start to recoup some of the money that we, their long suffering (but very proud!) parents have splashed out!!


Any thoughts? Most of the dresses seem to be size 10 or 12, in a rainbow of colours - anyone want to rent one for next year? :biggrin:

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Hi Diane



I think thats a brilliant idea! My daughter is only in year 9 at the moment, so a bit early. But we had a similar thing when she did a graduation night for leaving primary school in year 7!.....Bought a dress, shoes etc - only never to be worn again.


Anything to save cost is a brill idea...think alot of parents would go for it!






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I think that's an awesome idea, particularly if there were an internet site the kids could visit.


Formals are so huge I think you could have a great business idea here (stupid iPad won't let me insert 'not worthy' smilie so if you could imagine it, I'd be grateful :cute:).


Maybe you could include the bags, jewellry etc that went with the dress? Or photos, with the heads smudged out, showing the dress in action?


Funnily enough one of last year's 'batch' was telling me how they wished they hadn't bought such a fancy dress as she now realised she was unlikely to wear it again so I reckon your idea might not just be popular with the parents!


Sounds great, good luck....and if I can help, please let me know.


Still 'not worthy', LC !

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