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New member in need of help and advise

Guest dondon75

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Guest dondon75

Me my OH and 20 month old son have just been given a case officer after a 3 year wait!! We have booked our medicals and will soon be sending off our police checks, we hope to get our visa in July with our move to Adelaide may 2013. It is now happening so fast and we have lists of questions??


What do people advise regarding personnel things ect, should we ship or sell and start over when we get settled in Adelaide. We need to do the cheapest option. How much are things to buy and how much is it to ship things. Plus the option of furnished or unfurnished rentals?


Any help will be much appreciated. We are thinking of seaford rise area.


How do I put a message on my profile that gives the I fo on when we started our application and what our situation is?

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Welcome to the forum - glad to see things are moving on for you.


You have asked one of the many questions where people will say it depends on your circumstances and where one size doesn't fit all.


From our point of view we are taking what we can as we have built things up over the many years of marriage and white goods are quite expensive. TVs seem on par if not a little cheaper.


We have had 4 companies around for shipping quotes and they ranged from £4,400 to £3,600 for a 20 foot container. This size is to fit in the contents of a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with 2 adults and 2 teenage children. just to give you an idea of what we are taking :-


Fridge Freezer

Washing machine


king size bed + mattress

2 single beds + mattresses

2 wardrobes

4 bed side cupboards

chest of drawers x 3

toys (lego and more lego and more lego did i mention lego)

2 tv's (42" and 20")

3 and 2 seater settees

dining table that seats 8

4 bikes

and loads of other stuff but it should give you an idea


Oh did i mention lego!!!


If you think i can help in any other feel free to ask.



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We would say shipping over house hold contents is the only way to go. It costs a fair bit, but saves a stack of cash in the long run. Also you have to consider the logistics of locating all the places to buy goods from, bearing in mind you will be in a new city. Just loose all the collected useless junk that we all seem to build up over the years. We ebayed and car booted all unwanted items, good clear out, bit of extra cash.

Rental wise, furnished holiday let to start, how long is your choice, some do 2 weeks, we did 8. Unfurnished long term rental, cheaper and in more plentiful supply than furnished. Lastly we were quoted £3700 for a 20 ft container sole use, but paid £3100 for half a shared 20 ft, we chose this as latter was a premium mover, and had heard negative things about other.

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Guest ReadyPenny

Defintely ship your stuff if the $$$$$ are a little tight. When you first arrive it comes as a huge shock to the system to see how expensive some things are, but you get used to that after a while! Also I found that it helped us to have our own familiar things around us after the container arrived, our place still felt like "home" even though it was a rental because it was full of my furniture and things.


Never forget our first supermarket shop, came to $526.30 and my OH nearly collapsed at the till, I wasn't worried though, we had put the ambulance cover in place the day before!!! LOL Mind you that was for everything I don't spend that much now but $300 ish per week still pains me!!!

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I guess its all up to do you have 4000 pounds worth of stuff would you spend more than $6500 on replacing it all here? I didn’t ship anything other than personal items and furnished my home for a lot less than that, so its all relevant to what you have or want imho :biggrin:

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Guest dondon75

Just a quick thanks to those who have given us some much needed advise. I guess we need to give serious consideration to what stuff matters! It will also depend a lot of the funds and costs of things.

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dondon75 - the memories of what you are going through are still very fresh in my mind. We also waited 3 years to get our visa and, when it finally arrived, the panic set in! We shipped as much as we could - you'll be surprised how much it takes to replace everything that you have built up over the years. We left behind our sofas, bed and dining chairs as they were old but the rest came. Im glad we did - you'll be surprised at how much you spend in the initial few months (but it is all achievable :) ).


Fortunately, IKEA is by the airport - though a tad more expensive than in the UK and gumtree is great for buying any essential white goods tp keep you going for the first year.


We rented furnished for 6 weeks and then moved into the unfurnished (with a couple of painful weeks without furniture over Christmas!)


If you need any bits when you arrive, we may just be in a position to donate any essential bits. So just shout!

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