One year in Adelaide for me and the cat, hubbie not so much! :)

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    so it's been a year today since we arrived, cant believe how fast it's gone! Our wee cat arrived the same day in Sydney and she has settled ridiculously well! My hubbie has spent 14 of the last 18 weeks working offshore of the uk so I've refused him his anniversary! :)

    i was lucky enough to start work within ten days of arriving, although secretly I'd been hoping of a long holiday. They have also since promoted me, so I have been incredibly lucky to arrive at just the right time in Stroke care in Adelaide!

    We have signed on for a second year in our rental, hope to buy in 6 months? May be starting IVF soon, so may depend on the expense of this!!

    poor oh has had a whole load thrown at him since he got here, the death of his dad and stepdad, and a blooming anaphylactic shock on a ship that stopped him working for six months, I'm so impressed that he still loves it here!i can honestly say that the move has brought us so much closer together.

    have met some good friends, some through this site who I would have struggled without, and one who reached out to me while oh was ill and I had full blown flu, for whom I will for ever be grateful.

    love where we live, despite my commute, like my job, and cat and hubbie happy! (when fishing!)

    Cant ask for more

    Except maybe summer coming quickly or I'm moving to Queensland! :)


    Gill xx


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    Guest css

    Great post,very encouraging.We came out in Feb to activate our visa (struggling to sell the house) and stayed in Port Noarlunga.We loved it there and cant wait to get back.We are seriously thinking about renting our house out now and just going for it.It sounds as though youve had everything thrown at you and to still love it is amazing !!!! What are the winters like then,wil I need to bring alot of warm clothes for the winter ??? Thanks for the great post


    Clare,Tim and kiddy winks

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