Help needed - any favours?

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    Was hoping someone out there could help me out BIG time!



    I am in the middle of job hunting, visa paperwork, wedding planning and arranging bits for my family to cover over from the UK, so as you can imagine I am pretty stressed out! :arghh:



    My family are due to arrive in Adelaide in February and I was wondering if anyone has a car booster seat I could use for a 3 going on 4 year old just for a week and a half/two weeks in February.



    Does anyone also know of any good short term rentals in Glenelg for about a week and a half/two weeks for 4 adults and a child? My folks have seen a place called the Taft Motor Inn but that is $220 per night, not sure how good/competitive that is? :confused:




    On another request if anyone knows of any sort of evening work/weekend work down Seaford, McLaren Vale or other Southern areas, could you PM me please? I have been concentrating on my main job and Visa as I am on a Working Holiday Visa, my job expires on the 22nd October so i'm trying to get some sort of extension.




    p.s. Thank You Randstad for completely wasting a valuable evening the other night by requesting myself to carry out a number of tests for a job which you have now notified me that I am not eligible for, despite notifying you twice of my Working Holiday status!! (Sorry rant over - need to get that out!!) :mad:




    One grateful Pom if you can help in any sort of way!



    Steven - Tel: 0406-194-852

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    have a car seat you are welcome to - hope it's the right type - can send a pic if you like..... unable to help with the other requests but will keep my ear out,,,,,,,

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    For short term rentals, try either Adelaide Shores at West Beach, they have cabins that would be large enough, or Baybeachfront Apartments in Glenelg North. We have stayed at both and found them more than adequate for a week or two. Not sure of the prices now though! Our overseas relatives stayed at Liberty Towers for two weeks when they came for a wedding, but the Pound was stronger then. Could be really expensive now. Otherwise has several private rental places in Glenelg.

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    Hi Cliffy,


    Thanks for the information and for getting in touch, I will have a look at this.


    I appreciate the time taken to write.


    Hopefully this will come up with something.


    All the best,



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