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  1. cliffy

    Booking flights

    My daughter and family flew Emirates Adl to Brussels last week. Did not prebook seats, checked in latish and had no problem being seated together in a row of four. I think she may have been happy to have been apart from her young ones, but no airline would do that. As long as both people are on one booking I think there would be no problem. We flew Qatar a few days earlier and, although we had chosen our seats last May, at no cost, they were changed on the Doha -Brussels leg anyway and we ended up in the middle aisle. It was dark some of yhe way and the blinds were down, so it didnt worry us.
  2. cliffy

    Passport Size Photo

    Most post offices which do Passport interviews also do photos. Took me about 2 mins, about $15
  3. cliffy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    The rules for payment of international school fees for temporary visa holders appear to have changed fron Jan 2017 to bring SA into line with other states. Full international fees are payable for new temporary visa holders from that date and from Jan 2018 for all existing temporary visa holders
  4. I have just found out (belatedly) that new 457 visa holders in SA have had to pay international school fees since Jan 2017. Does anyone know if a child of a 457 visa holder is enrolled in a private school, whether this fee has still to be paid, or are they exempt as they are not an impost on the State govt. Have checked the Decs site and couldn't find this out.
  5. cliffy

    Car rental

    January is school holidays and most expensive time to rent. Another consolidator site is vroomvroomvroom, but even they seem to have put up their prices lately. I think John has some good ideas about renting only if you know you need a car. Some parts of North Adelaide is notoriously difficult for parking and is only a short walk across the parklands from the CBD, if that is where you wish to be.
  6. cliffy

    Booking flights

    Recently wanted to book a flight that was not a straightforward return to UK and tried with some airlines direct, but it just wouldn't give me what I wanted. Went to travel agent in Marion and she booked it, not without a few hassles, but it does what we want and we saved a fair amount on trying to book similar with the airline direct. All we have to do now is get insurance to cover my husbands 'existing' complaints!!
  7. I think it will depend on when you are visiting and whether they have vacancies at that time. Contact them and ask. I think you may need to increase your budget for a weekly stay anywhere in Adelaide.
  8. cliffy

    Feeling overwhelmed!

    Historically, South Australia has had problems supplying both temporary or permanent positions to qualified teachers, unless they were prepared to work in rural areas. In the last few years, even local new graduates have been unable to obtain contracts. It may be worth contacting the Education dept. to see what the situation will be regards employment for your wife when you both hope to arrive here.
  9. cliffy

    Booking flights

    Recent years, I have always booked with airline direct, and they have always dealt welll with any issues. I have never managed to actually get cheaper flights than they offered by the time I put in the variations and stopovers I wanted. Sometimes I have booked through partner airlines for the same flights at a cheaper price. I always look. Emirates is having a sale for flights to end Nov. atm Used to book with b & m travel agency, until we did one trip with awful "recommended" hotels and flight errors by them.
  10. cliffy

    Travel insurance - for UK trip

    I found the cheapest insurance for myself was through my credit card, but they generally will not cover family members with any pre existing conditions. I think that relatives are also covered under the reciprocal health agreement with UK. But there are many more things covered under travel insurance and I would not leave the country with out it, having had to use it in the past.
  11. cliffy

    Changing Health Cover

    Have a look at a Health comparison site, I think there is a govt. one to see what is available to you. My take on it is this: Private health enables you to have your procedure at a time to suit you, in the place you want, by the doctor you choose If you rely on Medicare, you are subjected to waits, for an appt. to see the doctor, for a hospital bed. Some wait lists are long. You can choose different levels of private health, Top down, and with an excess of your choice. I think you first need to look for the features you need in health cover which will make the choice of a provider easier. Generally, if you transfer from fund to fund there is no waiting period, but if you are changing cover level up, there may be. The fund you choose will let you know that.
  12. cliffy

    Bank account

    You will need to satisfy the 100 points identity check, so you will need your passport and other id such as a driving licence.
  13. cliffy

    So I know this has been asked before.....

    What visa are you coming on. Have you applied to any hospitals for work, as where you live may depend on where you can secure work. I know that several of the State Hospitals are not recruiting from outside the Health Service.
  14. cliffy

    Solar Power

    Came across this today and thought you may find it worth reading. We have put Solar on two houses now. The first firm, I had never heard of, was great, efficient and easy. The second firm was well publicized, highly recommended, local and easy to contact, but once we had signed that was it. Difficult to deal with indeed and I always felt we had not received what we were promised. Hope you have more luck than we did. Download Your FREE LG Beginner's Guide to Solar eBook (click the button - Download The Beginner's Guide to Solar) LG solar have put together this great ebook guide, covering everything you need to know about solar systems, their components, the benefits and how you can get started. In this handy 16-page guide you'll learn:... Why You Should Choose a Solar System The Benefits of Going Solar How a Grid Solar System Works The Components of your Solar System Solar Panel Sizes Incentives, Rebates and Financing Are There Rebates Available for Your Solar System? Questions to Ask Before you Buy Additional Tips to Avoid the Solar Sharks and Poor Quality Solar Equipment See more Download Your LG Beginner's Guide to Solar eBook Download your renewable energy guide here resources.lgenergy.com.au
  15. cliffy

    State Aged Pension from the UK

    Centrelink required me to apply for my UK pension when my Aus pension was income based. It was a long form, but not too complicted and I get my pension quarterly. It is counted in the Centrelink Income Test, not the asset test and is declared as foreign income on my tax return.

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