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Back from Reccie, is my visa now validated?


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Hi all,


I returned from my reccie yesterday, and really loved Adelaide - recommend Boomerang house from homes down under (tamara) to anyone as a base to explore from. I loved the Southern suburbs and cannot wait to make the move now!


I just wanted to check something though. When we entered and left the country, because we are not permanently staying in Oz we were advised to tick the 'visitor' box on the customs forms. Are our visas automatically validated by passport number, or is there anything else we need to do?


It just seems that we didn't actually do anything to validate them, so therefore was a bit too simple?

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No, Gus, you don't have to do anything. It's all logged on DIAC's computer when you arrive at Adelaide Airport with your new visa. Don't worry; it's all been recorded. I know this because when we arrived ten weeks ago my husband and I went to DIAC's office in Adelaide to let them know we'd arrived, and the guy at the desk said: 'Yes, we knew you'd arrived. You didn't need to come in to tell us, 'cos it's all here on my screen.' LOL!! So, don't give it another thought, Gus. All you have to do now is get ready for your big move Down Under. I'm so glad you loved Adelaide on your recce/validation visit. We love it, too. When are you planning to come out? All the best! x

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Can't wait to validate ours in September. We are in a similar position, validate and then return to UK to start the sale of house etc.





I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. My wife had real doubts before we left, but having met some lovely people over there, she is much more confident now and the lifestyle for kids (and adults) is far better than anything the UK has to offer.


I'm already thinking about how much we have to spend on boats/paddleboards/surfboards/kayaks etc for when we get there! At least they are all just one-off costs... (other than boat maintenance!)

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Guest guest8040
Good luck with the move - where are you staying initially?


We were going to follow you into Boomerang but finances have been tight so we're going into Riverview (another of Tamaras properties). Glad your wife feels better about it

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